Mrs. Bilyatu Luther’s Story

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This is the story of Mrs. Bilyatu Luther in Nigeria:

I am a mother of four (4) children namely: Yemitayan (son) 21 years, Alheri (daughter) 16 years, Fitami (son) 13 years, and Fibemi (daughter) 9 years; and including two extended family members, Blessing and Mummy. I am a widow whose husband died 8 years back. Meeting the immediate needs of these children and the extended family members is solely my responsibility in terms of education, health, shelter, feeding and other needs. It has not been easy for me because I am a cleaner earning less than the National Minimum wage (18,000 Naira monthly).

One of the most common ailments of my family is malaria. I have been battling with this ailment since their birth and this is costing me a lot as a widow with no other help. When I heard the news that bed nets were being distributed free of charge at The United Methodist Church Hospital Zing, I solicited to benefit from the distribution, especially being a widow with children and other dependents. The facility saw my problem and I was given 3 bed nets. Since we started using these bed nets, the rate at which I come to the clinic with my children with malaria cases has reduced drastically. Prior to the use of bed nets, each of my children and dependents would come to the clinic 3 to 4 times a season (rainy season).The cost of drugs for the treatment of malaria through this programme has also gone down compared to, before the project began. A dose of malaria drug that costs about N450.00 in the chemists is sold to us at between N50.00 to N100.00 now.

I wish to appeal to all women particularly pregnant women and mothers who have children below the ages of 5 years to be patronizing the UMCN health facilities in order to benefit from this kind gesture accorded the underprivileged women. Children under the age of 5 could also get immunized. I want to extend my sincere gratitude to the donors for providing these humanitarian services at virtually no cost. May God bless and reward them abundantly and for touching our lives positively.


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