disabilitysymbolsAccessibility Ministries is a service to all churches and church members of the NIC. Our mission is helping churches make their ministries accessible to all. We want to be an active resource when churches consider renovations, new structures and other building improvements. This site will include information to assist in areas such as vision assistance, hearing assistance, wheelchair/power chair access, restroom facilities, ramp installation, signage, parking and many more.        
The center of this work is that people with accessibility issues are also disciples of Jesus Christ, and “Open Doors” includes them.
Terry McDorman
Minister, Accessibility Ministries Pastor, Wood Dale Community UMC Chair, NIC Accessibility Ministries 206 N Wood Dale Road Wood Dale, IL 60191 630-390-0414
For more information about grants for Accessibility enhancements, contact Terry


Upcoming Events:



Accessibility Awareness Sunday – Nov. 12

Several years ago, the NIC voted to establish the second Sunday of November as our annual day to remind us all to be aware of providing for the needs persons with accessibility challenges. These include those of any age with physical, psychological or developmental challenges.   This year on Sunday, November 12, the NIC Committee on Accessibility…


Accessibility Coordinator ready to help at Annual Conference

The Accessibility Committee has announced Kathy Wellman will continue serving as the Accessibility Coordinator for the 2017 Annual Conference and this year she will be joined by Violet Ricker to ensure all your questions are answered and requests are met. In order to best serve the needs of those attending, it is strongly encouraged that…


Accessible Hearts worship experience opens doors

By Anne Marie Gerhardt The Rev. Jason Turner admits his more than one-hundred-year-old church, Faith Evangelical United Methodist in Elmhurst, is one of the least accessible buildings in the Northern Illinois Conference with stairs, no outdoor entrance ramps, a basement and limited space for wheelchairs in the sanctuary. But that is not stopping his efforts…


Accessibility Awareness Sunday – Nov. 13

The Northern Illinois Conference has declared that the second Sunday of November be set aside as “Accessibility Awareness Sunday”. As a community of faith, we recognize that all people are not physically and/or mentally able to access the Word of God in what might be described as the traditional manner. As our population ages and…

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