Who we are

The Evangelism work area’s basic tenets are rooted in John Wesley’s “Offer them Christ” emphasis and motto to the early circuit riders and preachers. The focus of this team is to explore and make possible creative and innovative methods of reaching out with the transforming Gospel of Jesus Christ to the world.

We invite distinguished Christian speakers, theologians and authors to the annual event and offer workshops and ideas to enable both clergy and laity to acquire tools and engage in sharing Christ with our world. Local churches can also avail of the ministry and services of the Conference approved Evangelists, to further their ministry of evangelism pertaining to their demographics and contexts.

Churches are also invited to nominate Lay and Clergy persons for the annual Harry Denman Award, for bringing people to Christ in their communities.

Chair: Rev. Robert Sathuri-

2015 Denman Awards – nomination forms

Upcoming Events


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