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  • The purpose of the Board of Laity is to prepare and encourage all people in a life of Christian discipleship.
  • We will work to Provide support and direction for the ministry of the Laity on the Local, District and Conference levels and to promote the observation of Laity Sunday.
  • Be a Connection between the Conference, District, and Local Church.
  • Focus on Building Relationship with District and Local Church Leaders.
  • Provide for the Training of Local Church Leaders, Local Church Lay Leaders, and Lay Members of the Annual Conference.
  • Develop and Promote Stewardship of Time, Talent, and Possessions
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    Our role is multifaceted. We foster awareness of the role of laity in their various settings. We promote programs, develop and promote stewardship of time, talent and possessions, provide for training for lay members of annual conference, provide support and direction for the ministry of the laity on the local, district and annual conference levels. We also promote awareness of laity Sunday and relate to lay servant ministries and other lay groups such as UMM, UMW, youth, etc. We can promote events and activities by funneling information through the various members of the BoL who are connected to the various ministries and groups throughout our Conference.


           Laity Convocation 2017

    Laity Convocation 2015 Presentations

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    Children's Table graphic

    Celebrating Our Apportionment Dollars at Work [August 2015]

    Nurture Ministries The Nurture Ministries of our Program Council work to fulfill our annual conference mission statement by “equipping local faith communities for a ministry of witness, justice, hope and love and to provide a connection for mission beyond the congregation.” The Nurture Ministries assist churches, districts, and our annual conference in areas of Age…

    young missionaries

    Youngest lay missioners commissioned

    At just 15 years old, Jesús Espinoza understands the power of prayer. Born in Mexico, he came to the United States two years ago with his mother and 11-year-old sister to join their father. Living and going to school in Elgin, he said he would pray over lunch in the school cafeteria. At the beginning the young people around gave him…

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    Laity Session at Annual Conference

    This year’s focus of the Laity Session at Annual Conference will be on youth and young adults. As such, the Board of Laity is extending an open invitation to all youth and young adults to attend to make this a meaningful session. It will take place on Sunday, June 14, 2015 between 6pm and 8pm…


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