The Nurture Ministry Team assists churches, districts, and our annual conference in areas of Age Focused Ministries, Christian Education, Evangelism, Laity Ministries, Spiritual Formation, and Youth Ministries.

Our priority is to empower and equip others. While personal growth is expected and encouraged as a result of our programming efforts, the main thrust is to provide tools to enhance the ministry of the participants in our programs and events, to equip them to go back to their local churches and share information and resources, thereby multiplying our efforts.

We also relate to and are the Northern Illinois Conference connection to four agencies beyond our conference. These agencies are ChildServ, Methodist Youth Services Inc. (MYSI), Rosecrance Health Network, and United Voices for Children. The Nurture Team Ministry committees are Board of Laity, Christian Education, Evangelism, Older Adult Council, Spiritual Formation, Young Adult Council, Youth Ministries, UMM, UMW, and Worship.

Please find below a list of the ministry committees that make up the Nurture Team. You will also learn who each ministry committee is, what each ministry committee can do for your church or district, and what each ministry committee is doing now.

Agencies beyond our conference

NIC Chair: Mark Manzi


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