hispanicplanlogoThe vision of the National Plan is that Hispanic and Latino people will experience new and abundant life as they experience God through Jesus Christ and that The United Methodist Church, by the very sharing of this message through word and deed, will be energized in new and exciting ways. Click on the logo to the right  for more information.    



Become an Ambassador: Spanish as a Second Language

As 2014 comes to a close and 2015 begins, the NIC rejoices in the Spanish as a Second Language program. This program allows congregations to explore “Who Is My Neighbor?” by teaching 100 words of Spanish. So far, forty-six congregations have been a part of the 6-week program.  Each class meets once per week for…


Immigration: Executive Action Announcement

Many congregations have been asking how they can help or where they can receive information about the Executive Action plan that was recently announced by President Obama.  The first thing we always advise is to help those in your congregations avoid fraud. There is no Executive Action plan yet in place. The plans do not…

Schairer hispanic ministry

NIC National Hispanic Plan

  La gracia y paz de Dios creador y redentor en Cristo Jesus sea con nosotros. Since coming to Northern Illinois, it has been my dream that we have the strongest and most excellent Hispanic ministry in the United Methodist Church! We have an incredible opportunity to be in ministry with one of the largest…


NIC Hispanic/Latino Ministry Principles NIC Hispanic/Latino Ministry Principles (en espanol)
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