The Turnaround Church Process is part of the Office’s efforts at promoting healthy discipleship in all churches. The reality is that many churches in the United States are in decline. A variety of factors contribute to this decline, and there is no “secret formula” to revitalize a congregation. The Office aims to address healthy discipleship through a holistic approach.

The Office of Congregational Development and Redevelopment invites you to “Healthy Church Initiative!” This is for all pastors and laypersons interested in bringing greater vitality and health to their congregations. This is an Institute of Congregational Development (ICD) event that is open to everyone. The speaker is Rev. Bob Farr, the Director of the Center for Congregational Excellence at the Missouri Annual Conference. He is a graduate of Central Missouri State University and Perkins School of Theology. Bob is passionate about pastoral leadership development, consulting with churches, helping with relocations as well as handling mergers and new church starts. He founded the Healthy Church Initiative.

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