acts of repentance

The Rev. George Tinker preaches during an “Act of Repentance toward Healing Relationships with Indigenous Peoples” on April 27, 2012. A UMNS photo by Mike DuBose.

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At the 2015 Northern Illinois Annual Conference, the members engaged in Acts of Repentance with Native Americans.

As a part of that action, registered attendees at the Conference were given a copy of the study Giving Our Hearts Away: Native American Survival.

This survey is asking you to indicate your follow-up with that resource or any other resource you might have used. It also asks for any Native American Ministries Sunday resources you might have used.

Your response to this 4-question survey is much appreciated.

Many thanks,

The Committee on Native American Ministries



Rev. Adrienne Sparrow Trevathan
Chair, Committee on Native American Ministries (CONAM)
Northern Illinois Conference of The United Methodist Church
(847) 309-7340 Email:




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