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Through Imagine No Malaria the United Methodist Church has developed a comprehensive response to help eliminate death and suffering caused by malaria on the continent of Africa. 

At 2013 Annual Conference Northern Illinois committed to raise at least $1,000,000 and save 10,000 lives, through Church Wide Goals, pledges and donations by April 25 2014 (World Malaria Day). Money will be turned in by the end of 2016. 


 Bishop Sally Dyck Challenges Churches in Northern Illinois to raise $100 for each person who regularly attends worship. Every $100 saves a life, and can help end death and suffering caused by malaria. 

To reach our goal we need the creativity, energy and work of all the people called United Methodists.

Northern Illinois Conference INM taskforce can be reached at
INM Contact Information (Who to call)
Faith-based groups, including The United Methodist Church, are reaching 'the last mile' in rural Africa... 'We serve where no one else exists. Where there are not any non-government organizations, there's no United Nations -- deep, deep off the paved road -- you'll have a church and/or a church clinic.'" ~ Shannon Trilli, Director of Global Health Initiative United Methodist Committee on Relief

Why Malaria?

Imagine No Malaria facts
          • …every 60 seconds, a child in Africa dies of malaria.
          • …malaria claims 627,000 lives each year.
          • …infants, children and pregnant women are at greatest risk.
          • …3.3 Billion people are at risk of infection each year
          • ...90 percent of malaria deaths occur in sub-Saharan Africa.
          • Malaria is preventable, treatable and beatable disease


We are not alone. Imagine No Malaria has partners to help make beating malaria a reality. We work with the United Nations Foundation, The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. These organizations are global leaders in the fight against malaria and other diseases of poverty. Why do they need us? The United Methodist Church brings some very unique resources to the table.The financial support of 11 million United Methodists worldwide is a significant part of it.  But there’s much more. The United Methodist Church has worked in Africa for nearly 200 years. We operate churches, school, hospitals and clinics across the continent in places where no one else will go. Wherever the road runs out, you’ll find us bringing hope to the hopeless and empowering the powerless. These partners recognize the United Methodist Church is a key to healthcare delivery in Africa. As a result,  your donation is multiplied many times by the support it provides.

Our Approach

The United Methodist Church is  using nearly 200 years experience in Africa to work against malaria. For your $100 you can impact each element of our campaign. This comprehensive approach is divided into four main parts:


PictureWe are  improving the ways people fight the disease locally:  Using bed nets. Access to diagnostic tests and medicine. Draining standing water. Improving sanitation.  Every person can take steps to prevent malaria deaths, from protective measures to taking swift action when malaria symptoms begin.
          • When 80% of homes in a village have a bed net, rates of infection drop for the entire community


Improving infrastructure. There are literally hundreds of churches, schools, hospitals and clinics operated by The United Methodist Church in Africa, but what good are they if medicines to treat malaria aren’t available?  We’ll make sure these facilities have the diagnostic tests, treatment and medical materials needed to save lives. We'll also pay the salaries of staff for the facility, and rebuild or build new clinics to serve more people.


We are reaching out to those who need it most. We trained thousands of local people in African communities to teach their communities about avoiding malaria. For example in  Sierra Leone, Angola, Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of Congo  these workers went door-to-door to deliver bed nets, installed them in homes and tought people  how to properly use and care for the nets. In Nigeria community educators went to schools to teach children about the disease.


And finally, your support helps upgrade communications networks throughout the continent. Building new radio stations and providing hand-crank and solar-powered radios will ensure we are reaching great numbers of people with life-saving information about malaria.
In a continent dominated by cell-phone usage we are investing in text-messaging notifications to reach people quickly.

When I think about the global nature of the United Methodist Church, and the fantastic growth we have experienced in Africa, I can think of no better way to be in love and solidarity with our sisters and brothers than to eliminate this disease that steals the lives of too many of their children.  Our entire church (Barrington UMC) including  Noah’s Ark Preschool, Vacation Bible School, Youth Ministry, UMW, UMM and our whole leadership team have caught this vision and believe we can be a part of an amazing and effective effort.   - Chris Winkler, Senior Pastor of Barrington UMC  on why Barrington pledged $50,000 to Imagine No Malaria


Online: Make individual donations through It’s the quickest and easiest way to put your gift into action.

        1. You will be asked for your contact information, and payment information.
        2. In the payment information section there is a box titled “Are you a member of The United Methodist Church or Organization?”
        3. When the box is checked it automatically asks you to indicate either, your church, district or annual conference. Enter your zipcode and options of local churches in our conference will be populated.  The entity selected will get credit for the donation.


If your contribution is part of your church’s overall campaign to support Imagine No Malaria, you can bring your donation to the designated person at the church. This person will coordinate all of the church gifts and ensure they are submitted to the Imagine No Malaria office  or the Annual Conference office.  

You may pay through the CONFERENCE:

You can submit your Imagine No Malaria donations along with your monthly remittance form and other apportionment and special offerings. Be sure to indicate Imagine no Malaria in the memo line of check.

Mail checks to the conference at: Northern Illinois Conference PO Box 5645 Carol Stream, IL 60197-5645

You may also submit your donations through rainbow covenant (Imagine No Malaria- Red Band) Advance # 3021190 (Please send to the PO Box above)

Or to National Office Directly: (this gets the money to those dying the fastest) UMC – Imagine No MalariaP.O. Box 440544    Nashville, TN 37244

          • For a complete guide of church donations and pledge campaign click here.
          • OR Set a Church Wide Goal with this form.


Individual offering envelopes can be ordered FREE from the online store. Each person may include his/her contribution and personal information. Send all gifts to:

UMC – Imagine No Malaria P.O. Box 440544 Nashville, TN 37244

All donations are tax deductible and will be confirmed with an e-mail, sent directly from the Imagine No Malaria office.

What else can I do? Resources to get you started.

The Conference Volunteer Committee has worked to help compile resource that will help your church engage in this life saving ministry.
Promotional materials to help your church engage in this great campaign.
The conference continues to ask each church to set a fundraising goal - a commitment for an amount of money your church will strive to raise over the next One to three years (by the end of 2016) from the congregation and the community beyond your church.  Download our Treasure Guide to learn how to run a pledge campaign in your church and where to send funds.  Click on Engage your community for fundraising suggestions. The "Mosquito" Costume, 2 sample bednets, and several display banners are available from the NIC Media Resource Center. Request them by E-mailing Susan Gieseler 
<GIVE NOW ONLINE. Download our Treasure Guide to learn how to run a pledge campaign and where to send funds.
          • Imagine No Malaria worship? Check out worship resources here   (hymns, prayers, and liturgy)
          • or Thrive worship series here
          • Lenten Resources

            lent Imagine no malariaDuring Lent, we are called to pray, to sacrifice, and to give.  Imagine No Malaria is an incredible opportunity to exercise that call to put our  faith into action and give of ourselves so that others may live, and live more abundantly!
We invite your church or your family to help us focus on Imagine No Malaria this Lent.  We also have a “Giving From Abundance” calendar that can be used in every hBy clicking on the photo to the right, you will find a kit of Lent specific resources to use in your church or family. Each week, there is a scripture focus, a short prayer, and a 60 second call to action. ome. Together, we will explore how our  sacrifices can offer hope and healing as we joyfully anticipate the Resurrection of Christ. It is a great practice to take stock of our blessings and sacrifice out of our abundance.
Mary and Martha movie imagine no malaria
For resources and a visit to your church, contact the Northern Illinois Conference office at (312) 346-9766 or email:

Would you like a speaker or presentation?

  • Request a Speaker with this form (mail/email it back as indicated on the form) or contact Kevin Garren, Conference  INM Taskforce chair at

  • Click the education tab above for sample presentations that YOU can give

  • Click the media tab above for sample videos to share in worship like the one above

Vacation Bible School 2014  Supplement

          • Lesson plans designed to work well with the most popular and widely used Vacation Bible School curricula are available for download here!
          • Whichever curriculum pack you’ve chosen to begin with, there are activities and lessons that will work for you!
          • To order a FREE Imagine No Malaria DVD, visit the UMC Store here. Check out the activities and videos below.

  • Can’t find what you’re looking for? Email or call 847-431-4880

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