We believe that by working together with neighboring congregations, our local churches can find new opportunities for effective ministry. By cultivating active community listening and outreach, churches can do more together to love their neighbors than they could on their own.

Urban Strategy

 Urban Strategy

The Northern Illinois Urban Strategy invites all United Methodists in the City of Chicago and surrounding Chicagoland to join a coordinated movement of neighborly love. Together we aim to make a difference in Chicago in four areas: (1) community safety, (2) restorative justice, (3) education and literacy, and (4) food deserts.

Rural Strategy

Rural Strategy

Coming Soon!

Justice for Our Neighbors


Harvest 2.0 has set a goal of establishing one additional clinic site per year for Justice For Our Neighbors (JFON). JFON is a faith-driven ministry which welcomes immigrants into our churches and communities by providing free, high-quality immigration legal services, education, and literacy. For more information, visit JFON’s website at www.jfonnic.org.

Imagine No Malaria Page

Imagine No Malaria

Harvest 2.0 also aims to achieve full participation across the Northern Illinois Conference in the Imagine No Malaria Campaign. Imagine No Malaria is a campaign of The United Methodist Church to put our faith into action by ending preventable deaths by malaria in Africa. The Northern Illinois Conference aims to raise $1 million toward this effort. For more information, visit the Imagine No Malaria website at www.imaginenomalaria.org.

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