The 2016 Statistical Report is available online now!



Local Church Login
Username = GCFA # (6 digits)
Password = Conference ID # (5 digits)
Reports are due by 11:59 PM on February 28th, 2017!

Some important things to note about the 2016 Statistical Report:

  • Round every number to the nearest dollar (do not use decimals, commas or dollar signs)
  • Rows will highlight in orange or red to indicate a possible error or noteworthy variation from the previous year. Click the yellow triangle to see the warning message and check for typos.
  • There are three options at the top of the form:
    • Printer friendly version: Print a copy of the statistical report and keep it on file. Statistical Reports are part of the local church’s permanent records.
    • Save: Will save what you’ve entered to that moment.
    • Save and go to Step 2: use this option when all lines are complete. Step 2 contains the 3 CCFA Addendum questions, plus your contact information. After step 2, you will be offered the option to Officially Submit the report. You will not be able to make changes after selecting the Submit option.
  • If you find major errors in the 2015 data column, please click the Support button and report those errors.

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Blank forms:

PDF Format: 2016 Stat Report Questions
Excel Format: 2016 Stat Report Questions
Help Contents: 2013-2016 Line Instructions
Translations in Spanish and Korean:


UM Data A new resource for statistics of the United Methodist Church
Numbers Count! Reporter Article by Rev. Arlene Christopherson
Why Statistics Matter from the General Council on Finance and Administration


Please contact David W. Quinn ()
Or Lonnie Chafin ()
Or your District Administrator: Districts


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