As of January 9, 2017, the NIC Media Resource Center has merged with the United Media Resource Center. Churches and individuals can check out resources for free. The only cost is return shipping fees.

United Media Resource Center

Online Catalog
The shopping cart feature allows you to request resources from the catalog site any time of the day or night.

Our shared Director is Jill Stone. Phone: 217-529-2744 email: or

Resources should be returned to:

USPS delivery: P.O. Box 19207, Springfield, IL 62794-9207

UPS/FedEx delivery (Post Office DOES NOT deliver to street address):

5900 S. 2nd St., Springfield, IL 62711

For more information: sign up for their newsletter clicking the link below:

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You can tell you Christian Educators and church members all about the new Resource Center. Check out these tools to help you do this.

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Jill Stone. phone: 217-529-2744 email: or

The catalog is available on-line at click here. Help using the online catalog is available Download Help PDF

DVDs will be created from Annual Conference 2016. They are available for purchase ($5 per DVD, and $5 shipping for up to 10 DVDs.  Any of these may be borrowed from the Media Resource Center. Retirees will be receiving a free copy of the retirement service. Those Commissioned and Ordained will receive a free copy of the Ordination service. Contact Susan Gieseler to order DVDs.

All PowerPoints are available on the Annual Conference Page

Retirement Service
Bible Study with  Margaret Ann Crain and Jack Seymour
Commissioning and Ordination
Episcopal Address


Beginning Jan. 9, 2017, NIC Media Resource Center to partner with

Illinois Great Rivers United Media Resource Center (UMRC)

Beginning Jan. 9, 2017, Northern Illinois Conference churches and individuals will be able to access media resources for free (excluding return postage) through a new partnership with the Illinois Great Rivers United Media Resource Center (UMRC).

Following the retirement of the NIC’s Media Resource Director Susan Gieseler, we began researching the most beneficial ways to continue offering resources to local churches. The UMRC, which is located at the Illinois Great Rivers conference office in Springfield, was an ideal situation. Most of our resources will be sent there and included in their online catalog for easy access.

Look for a link to order resources soon. Read more…



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