We are pleased to offer MEF scholarships to all seminary students in our conference who are currently certified by a District Committee on Ordained Ministry and meet the requirements of the enclosed guidelines. (Seminary students who become certified before the end of the term will also be eligible for a scholarship. They should ask the chair of their District Committee on Ordained Ministry to the Coordinator of Scholarships, of their certification.)

To be eligible for scholarship assistance during the 2014 spring term, you need to have an official at your seminary fill out and sign the enclosed Certification of Enrollment. (If you are a Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary student, you need to have on file at the school the form “Permission to Release Academic Information,” which is available from the Office of the Registrar. If you attend another seminary, ask your Registrar if your school has such a requirement.)

The applications will be processed as soon as we receive the certification form and your application. You may inform your school’s finance officer that a check from the Northern Illinois Conference treasurer will be sent to your account before the end of the term.

Although there is no “needs” requirement for this scholarship, if your direct seminary expenses are already being paid by other gifts and grants, you may choose not to apply for the MEF scholarship, thereby making it available for needier students.

The amount of the MEF grant will depend on the money available and the number of students applying. Students attending at least half-time but less than full-time will receive half the amount of full-time students.

We are praying for you as you prepare for ordained leadership in The United Methodist Church. Please don’t hesitate to call if you have questions about this process.

~The Board of Ordained Ministry

Certification Enrollment

MEF Guidelines

MEF-Application 2014

Letter from Treasurer





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