Scholarship Philosophy:

In acknowledgment of the reality of seminary costs and student debt, this scholarship aims to reduce debt and keep finances from being an impediment to entering or staying in seminary.

This scholarship is focused to attract and support candidates of high quality and strong talent and keep these candidates within the Northern Illinois Conference. Therefore, candidates must express a desire to do ministry within NIC for an extended period of time.

This scholarship is focused on leadership potential and leadership quality.

Some details concerning process:

These scholarships are targeted toward:

  • Ministerial students who exhibit excellence in one or more areas of ministry (eg. Preaching, Christian Education, Worship, Stewardship/Church Administration, Evangelism) during their first or second year of seminary.
  • Ministerial students who demonstrate financial need.
  • Especially promising college students who have caught the attention of pastor or lay leaders within their local church and who might be enabled to try seminary if granted a multi-thousand dollar scholarship their first year.

Dollar Limit: up to $4,000 per candidate/per year


  • Candidate must be at least a Declared Candidate for ordained ministry in the process for ordination, as defined by the Board of Higher Education and Ministry.
  • Written Proof of Active Leadership and Active Membership in their Local Church must be provided

Anyone who applies for this scholarship needs to be aware that, if you receive one of these scholarship awards, the Board of Ordained Ministry and the Northern Illinois Conference will expect you to serve within our Conference for at least three years… preferably much longer. Consequently, if you have no intention of serving within this Conference, please do not apply for one of these scholarships.

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