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021-little-girl-looking-out-windowMaricela* was six years old when her mom made the heart-wrenching decision to leave her with her grandmother in Mexico so she could find work in Chicago to support her young children.  Maricela remembers standing at the window calling after her mom’s departing figure, “Mami, come back, please, I promise I’ll be good.”

Her mom wasn’t able to come back, but did eventually send for her and her older brother.  The two were detained at the border and released into the custody of their mom in Chicago.  That’s where JFON came in.

Trying to figure out what type of relief would be most likely, attorney Jenny Ansay was working through the research when Maricela and her brother were victims of a hit and run accident outside their school.  Because they were victims of a felony, Jenny is now in the process of applying for a U Visa for them and it looks like JFON is going to help keep this family together.

Keep Families TogetherBetween this Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Northern Illinois Justice for Our Neighbors is running a Keep Families Together Campaign. For the cost of a bouquet of flowers or a tie, you can help families like Maricela’s stay together.  Please visit to help Keep Families Together.

* Not her real name

To watch a video on JFON’s work, click below:

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