Keep Families Together – Marcel’s Story

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Keep Families TogetherMarcel arrived to the clinic a little late, baby and diaper bag in arms, two other young children holding hands. Dimples flashing, he smiled gratefully as he was shown to the hospitality and child engagement area.  He waited for his French interpreter to arrive while a volunteer reached way back to her high school French to exchange a few pleasantries with him.

The children delighted in explaining to her how to say certain things in French and laughed at her bumbling pronunciation.  It was a small slice of hospitality in a place that had deported their mom several weeks earlier and left them and their infant brother to manage with their dad.

Political activists in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Marcel and his wife fled with their children when they saw friends and colleagues disappear around them.  Not understanding the process to seek asylum, before they could figure it out, Marcel’s wife was deported.  Desperate to reach her before their government, Marcel found JFON and turned to us for help.  Heartbreakingly, we do not yet know his family’s fate. Will the children see their mom again?

NIJFON-logo-2056x1542Between this Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Northern Illinois Justice for Our Neighbors is running a Keep Families Together Campaign.  For the cost of a bouquet of flowers or a tie, you can help families like Marcel’s stay together.

Please visit to help Keep Families Together.

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