Celebrating Our Apportionment Dollars at Work [September 2015]

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Outreach Ministries

The Outreach Ministries of our Program Council work to fulfill our annual conference mission statement by seeking to “equip local faith communities for a ministry of witness, justice, hope and love and to provide a connection for mission beyond the congregation.” The Outreach Ministry is the church at work in God’s name, stretching out to meet needs in the wider community. In our conference, that means serving the least, last and lost every day, making a difference one person at a time.

The 2015 Funding Plan for NIC Outreach Ministries totaled $445,527, including:

  • Board of Global Ministries ($54,000): connects the local church and the Conference to the broader work of missions around the world through support of Missionary Itineration, Accessibility Ministries, Refugee Ministries, Rockford Urban Ministries, Disaster Response Training, Urban Strategy and Sister Church Connections.
  • Campus Ministry ($312,877): These funds support salaries, scholarships, programming, and facilities for United Methodist campus ministries at Northwestern University, North Central College, University of Chicago, University of Illinois – Chicago, and Northern Illinois University.
  • Church & Society ($27,000): helps the local church and conference relate the gospel to the needs of its community, nation, and the world; addressing issues such as child poverty, mass incarceration, and gun violence. Emerging Ministries grants support new programs in areas of unmet need, including economic justice, reducing community violence, environmental improvement, and immigration reform.
  • Commission on Christian Unity and Interreligious Relationships ($17,150): seeks to build ecumenical and interfaith relationships to reflect God’s all-encompassing love.
  • Justice for Our Neighbors ($20,000): provides high-quality immigration legal services at no cost to clients. Over 100 volunteers have served over 300 clients in Aurora, Chicago, and Rockford.
  • Volunteers in Mission ($13,000): provides short-term mission experiences for individuals and congregations. Trained volunteers serve locally, nationally, and internationally in both crisis and long-term recovery.

Resource of the Month: UMTV Church Rethinks School Lunches

First United Methodist Church in Grand Junction, CO started serving free hot meals to the students at the alternative high school nearby because the school has no cafeteria, only a vending machine.


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