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Cabinet Worship Service

Epiphany 2021 Worship Service
”Can You Recognize Jesus?”

The shepherds (in Luke) recognized Him. The Magi (in Matthew) recognized him. John the Baptist (In Mark) recognized Him. Can you recognize Jesus and commit your life to Him in this New Year? Please use this Epiphany 2021 worship service created by the Northern Illinois Conference Cabinet and Interim Bishop John Hopkins. You may also use Bishop Hopkins' stand-alone sermon in your worship services and to introduce him to your congregation

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Fall Worship Service
A Respite for Our Leaders

The Northern Illinois Conference is pleased to introduce you to this third in a series of worship services offered by the Cabinet as our gift to you in these demanding times. We know that the sudden shift to virtual worship that took place in March and continues yet today, has stretched our pastors, music staff, worship committee and technical volunteers beyond imagination. Even as some of our churches gather again in limited ways, most continue to also provide virtual opportunities for the congregation to gather in worship. 

Each quarter we have recorded a service, made available to you, as a way of encouraging a sabbath from worship production. Please use this service as an opportunity to take a step away from the work of worship leadership.  

Our Fall Service focuses on the theme of Stewardship and Thanksgiving. Music, prayers, testimonies, and a sermon by Bishop Sally Dyck based on Ephesians 3: 14-21, titled “Far More then We Can Imagine” as all part of this offering. May this service be a gift to you and your community as we continue to navigate these unprecedented times together. 

CCLI #20540936, #E1459355

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Bishop Dyck's Sermon Only
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Summer Worship Service
Summer is here!

As we adjust to new routines, this summer is not like any other summer we've experienced. Our work as a church, our ability to travel, our rhythm of relaxation and community--all have been interrupted. 
In her address to the clergy at the Clergy Session on June 29, Bishop Sally Dyck observed that our pastors have become first responders. We have been thrust into the new and different without a safety net. The adaptability of our churches and leadership has been commendable. The need to also recharge and recover from a time of high intensity is also very real.
To support our churches through these summer months, the Northern Illinois Conference Cabinet has produced a summer worship service. The service includes a sermon by Bishop Dyck: “Deep Peace and the Peaceable Kin-dom."  The service can be used by local churches anytime during the summer months while the pastor takes a break from worship leadership.

In addition to the Summer Cabinet Worship Service, the Rockford and Aurora districts have produced their own summer season worship videos:

Rockford District Worship Service Video
"With Jesus in the Storm"
View the video

Aurora District Shepherding Team Online Worship Service
"Renewal of our Baptismal Covenant"
View the video
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Spring Worship Service

Since late March, clergy have been stretched to the limit to provide compassionate pastoral care and meaningful worship experiences in an online or virtual setting while the State of Illinois is under a Stay-at-Home Order.

Recognizing the stress felt by many NIC clergy, Bishop Sally Dyck offered a Three-Day Sabbath for all clergy to replenish body, mind, spirit, and relationships. In order to allow clergy to step away for this sanctioned time off, Bishop Dyck and Cabinet, together with the NIC Communications Department, collaborated to produce a complete worship service video that can be used any time in May, ideally before Pentecost.

We pray all NIC congregations are blessed by this service and find it meaningful. Most of all, we pray for the healing of our congregations, our State, and our country.

"Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well." 3 John 1:2

This worship service has been planned for your inspiration and encouragement while providing a moment of rest for our local church leaders in this season of COVID-19. Please use it during the month of May.

You can view or download this video from

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