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Apportionment FAQ's

Frequently asked questions about apportionments:

Q: Why does my apportionment bill look different? 
A: In response to questions from churches after the Special Session of General Conference regarding designation of apportionment funds, the Conference Committee on Finance Administration (CCFA) has changed the NIC apportionment statement. The new statement provides more information about the ministries supported by your local church, designating contributions to the conference and six general church apportioned funds. Apportionment contributions to the first fund will exclusively support the mission and ministry of the NIC. General Church Apportioned funds are listed independently, with a recommended amount for each.  All the funds are described on this downloadable flyer.

Q: How will my church receive Rainbow Covenant Credit?
A: Full payment of the apportionment to the Conference plus contributions on each Rainbow Covenant band are necessary to get Rainbow Covenant credit.  We encourage all NIC churches to go the second mile and become a Rainbow Covenant congregation through the support of designated mission giving to make disciples and transform communities across the connection.

Q: Is my church supposed to pay both conference and general apportionments?
A: Yes. Churches are still expected to pay the amount on each line. Churches that pay the conference funds and the general church funds listed on their statements at 100% will get an additional certificate from GCFA as a 100% contributing church.

For more information or questions, please contact David W. Quinn, NIC Apportionments Administrator, 312.346.9766, ext. 741, or

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