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Apportionment FAQ's

Frequently asked questions about apportionments:

Q: Why does my apportionment bill look different? 
A: In response to questions from churches after the Special Session of General Conference regarding designation of apportionment funds, the Conference Committee on Finance Administration (CCFA) has changed the NIC apportionment statement. The new statement provides more information about the ministries supported by your local church, designating contributions to three NIC funds and six general church apportioned funds (a seventh fund, the General Administration Fund is not listed after the 2019 Northern Illinois Annual Conference voted to withhold payments to this fund). Apportionment contributions to the first three funds will exclusively support the mission and ministry of the NIC. General Church Apportioned funds are listed independently, with a recommended amount for each.  All the funds are described on this downloadable flyer.

Q: How will my church receive Rainbow Covenant Credit?
A: Full payment of the apportionment on the three NIC funds plus contributions on each Rainbow Covenant band are necessary to get Rainbow Covenant credit.  We encourage all NIC churches to go the second mile and become a Rainbow Covenant congregation through the support of designated mission giving to make disciples and transform communities across the connection.

Q: If there are 10 funds, why do I only see 9 on my statements?
A: At the June 2019 Annual Conference session, the NIC approved legislation to withhold payments towards the General Administration Fund, which supports administrative and collaborative processes throughout the denomination including General Conference and the Judicial Council. This is the only fund currently not being supported by the NIC and should not be confused with the remaining funds sent to the General Church. This legislative action will be up for review at the November 16 Special Budget Session.

Q: What happens to the funds I send in for General Church Apportionments?
A: All monies received for General Church Apportionment Funds are mailed in their entirety to the General Church at the end of every month. The Conference does not take any money out of funds allocated to the General Church. 

Q: How are the amounts to the General Church apportionment funds allocated?
A: In March 2019, CCFA divided the apportionment amount calculated for the local church among the three conference lines and the seven general church lines. The total of all should equal the original apportionment amount communicated in 2018. Payment of all the conference and recommended amounts for the general funds equals the total apportionment calculated for the year. The local church gives ‘a portion meant for others’ in support of ministries around the conference and around the world. We encourage you to use the links and website resources on the flyer to learn more about these funds and the ministries of the UMC around the world. This may be a good opportunity to review the funds and decide as a church which areas/missions you support.

Q: Is my church supposed to pay both conference and general apportionments?
A: Yes. The number of fund lines has changed from three to nine (originally ten) in order to allow churches to see how their funds are managed. Churches are still expected to pay the amount on each line. Churches that pay the conference funds and the general church funds listed on their statements at 100% will get an additional certificate from GCFA as a 100% contributing church.

For more information or questions, please contact David W. Quinn, NIC Apportionments Administrator, 312.346.9766, ext. 741, or

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