Accessibility Awareness Sunday – Nov. 13

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The Northern Illinois Conference has declared that the second Sunday of November be set aside as “Accessibility Awareness Sunday”. As a community of faith, we recognize that all people are not physically and/or mentally able to access the Word of God in what might be described as the traditional manner. As our population ages and people continue to live longer, these challenges become even more apparent. One day you are fine, the next day you are using a walker, crutches or a wheelchair. Should that mean you should not be able to attend worship?

The Committee on Accessibility Ministries has compiled a list of suggestion on how to make our churches and worship services inclusive for everyone with mobility, hearing, vision and processing challenges. Please click here for more info.                   

The Committee is offering each congregation the challenge of finding one thing that will  make their worship more accessible and then implement it by November 13.  This could be a discussion with your Youth Group, the topic for a Children’s sermon, or asking those with accessible challenges to assist with the leadership of worship. Whatever you decide to do, make it a celebration experience!

We are here to assist and serve, so please send us an email at should you have any questions and/or need assistance with your project such as Scripture suggestions, media ideas etc.

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