Bishop Sally Dyck announces the following clergy appointments for the Northern Illinois Conference of The United Methodist Church, effective July 1, 2014 (unless otherwise noted):

2014 Appointment Sheet

*Bishop Dyck is pleased to announce that all recommended provisional members in the class of 2014 will be appointed this year. We celebrate this large class of new church leaders. In spite of challenges, placement of this class was made possible as several churches expanded their staff adding associate positions, in addition several provisional members moved into ministry outside the parish, transferred and took appointments in other conferences or denominations. We value the gifts of those coming into ministry and will continue to work on balancing a shrinking parish appointment inventory and our need for new talented leadership.

Joshua Bailey-Green (Local Pastor) to Faith: Lombard (Aurora District), part-time, following Dean Shapley who moved to Extension Ministry in Connecticut. Effective October 15.

Tammy Biltgen (Full Deacon) to Minooka Intermediate School as a Teacher’s Assistant. Effective November 1.

Mark Curtis (Retired Local Pastor) to Leon (DeKalb District) following Rodney Phelps who was discontinued. Effective 9/15.

Craig Jones (Retired Elder – West Ohio) to Faith: Lisle (Aurora District), part-time, following Dean Shapley who moved to Extension Ministry in Connecticut. Effective 11/1.

Shannon LeMaster-Smith (Provisional Deacon- Western North Carolina) to Northbrook UMC (Chicago: Northwestern District), Director of Children and Youth Ministries.

Luther Mason (Lay Assigned) to Greenstone (Chicago: Southern District) following Cynthia Moore as Cynthia moves out of the conference. Effective 11/1.

Lora Zink (Retired Elder – Interim) to Minooka (Aurora District) following Mary Zajac as she moves to St. Charles: Baker Memorial. Effective December 1.

Gavin Brandt (Full Elder) to Retirement from Hampshire: First (Elgin District), effective January 1.

Pamela Couture (Full Elder) to Retirement from Extension Ministry at Emmanuel College, Victoria University, University of Toronto.

Lynn Pries (Full Elder) to Retirement from North Central College where he has served as Chaplain for 20 years.

Jack Seymour (Full Elder) to Retirement from Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary where he has served as Professor of Religious Education.

Ann Spurgeon (Full Elder) to Retirement from Leave of Absence. Ann transferred to the NIC from the Central Illinois Conference in 1994.

Ruth Wickersham (Full Elder) to Retirement from Extension Ministry teaching at Moraine Valley Community College and St. Xavier University.

Phillip Blackwell (Full Elder) to Retirement from Chicago: First (Temple).

James Galbreath (Full Elder) to Retirement from Woodridge.

David Newhouse (Full Elder) to Retirement from Batavia.

David Russell (346.2) to Retirement from Grayslake: United Protestant.

Addison Shields (Full Elder) to Retirement from LaGrange.

Kimberly Fisher (Local Pastor) to Westmont (Aurora District) part-time from Chicago: Granville Avenue (Chicago Northwestern District).  Effective January 15, 2014.

Christine Gilbert (Elder) from Medical Leave to mandatory retirement.

Sandra Harbour (Elder) to Transitional Leave from Extension Ministry as a Hospice Chaplin, effective November 15, 2013.

Joe Jamison (Local Pastor) to mandatory retirement from active service as a Local Pastor at University Park: Pilgrimage (Chicago Southern District).

Barbara Page-Kell (Elder) to retirement from Lansing: First (Chicago Southern District).

Albert Shears (Elder) from Leave of Absence to retirement.

Allyson Talbert (Deacon) from an Appointment Beyond the Local Church with the YMCA to transitional leave and appointment to attend school in CPE training, effective January 20, 2014.

Isamary Valazquez (Local Pastor) to Carpentersville: Bethel (Elgin District) part-time while also serving as a New Faith Community planter to the Marengo community Part-time.  Effective immediately.

Leon Willis (Elder) to retirement from Chicago: Gorham (Chicago Southern District).

Victoria Hadaway (Elder) from Sugar Grove (Aurora District) to Sabbatical Leave effective February 1.

Hyemin Na (Elder) from Tinley Park (Chicago: Southern District) to appointment to attend school.

Lisa Telomen (Elder) from Naperville: Grace – Associate (Aurora District) to Lead Pastor at LaGrange UMC (Chicago Southern District).

Cynthia Anderson (Elder) from Barrington: Barrington as Associate (Elgin District) to Batavia as Senior Pastor (Aurora).

Romir Esguerra (Elder) from Berry Memorial (Northwestern District) to Schaumburg: Our Redeemer (Elgin District).

Young Ok Park (Elder) from Freeport: First (Rockford District) to Sabbatical Leave, effective July 1.

Melwyn Alagodi (Provisional Elder) from Chadwick: Hope, Fair Haven and Hickory Grove (Rockford District) to Tinley Park (Chicago Southern District).

Norma Lee Barnhart (Elder) from Elmhurst: First (Elgin District) to retirement.

Daniel Davis (Elder) from Harvard/Alden (Elgin District) to retirement.

Myron McCoy (Elder) from Extension Ministry to Chicago: First (Temple) (Chicago Southern District).

Danita Anderson (Elder) from Homewood: St. Andrew (Chicago Southern District) to Woodridge (Aurora District).

Mark Curtis (Local Pastor) concluding ministry with Leon (DeKalb District) to return to retirement.

Enrique Gonzalez (Elder) from Rockford: Centennial (Rockford District) to Wisconsin Conference as the Director of Congregational Development.

Jum Sook Kim-McDaniel (346.1) concluding ministry with Manhattan (Aurora District).

Paul Nolden (Elder) from Popular Gove (Rockford District) to Lansing: First (Chicago Southern District).

Cheon Eui Oh (Elder) from Orangeville/Afolkey (Rockford District) to Sugar Grove (Aurora District), effective July 1.

Linda Thomas (Local Pastor) concluding ministry with Earlville (DeKalb District).

Cheryl Carroll (Provisional Elder) to Minooka (Aurora District) from Rockford: Beth Eden/Evans (Rockford District).

Doug Carroll (Elder) to Manhattan (Aurora District) from Rockford: Beth Eden/Evans (Rockford District).

Timothy Biel Jr. (Elder) from Evergreen Park: First (Chicago Southern District) to Homewood: St. Andrew (Chicago Southern District).

Fabiola Grandon-Mayer (Provisional Elder) from Elgin: First, Assoc. (part-time), (Elgin District) to Rockford: Centennial (Rockford District).

Joseph Johnson (Elder) from Chicago: Trinity (Chicago Southern District) to Elmhurst: First (Elgin District).

Mario Mayer (Elder) from Elgin: El Mesias (Elgin District) to Beth Eden (Rockford District).

Calvin Haines (Provisional Elder, pending final approval) to Freeport: First (Rockford

Young Seon Kim (Elder) to General Board of Global Ministries as Director of Next Generation
Ministries in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania from Leave of Absence. Effective March 1.

Christopher Druce Jones (Elder) from Rockford: Brook Road (Rockford District) to Poplar Grove (Rockford District).

Krista Paradiso (Provisional Elder, pending final approval) to Chicago: Trinity (Chicago Southern District).

Paula Cripps-Vallejo (346.1) to Chicago: Humboldt Park (3/4th time) and Chicago: Emanuel (1/4th time) (Chicago: Northwestern District) from Bensenville: First (Elgin District).

Santiago Espada (Local Pastor) to Chicago: Humboldt Park (Associate, 1/4th time) (Chicago: Northwestern District) while remaining at Chicago: Emanuel (3/4th time)(Chicago: Northwestern District) following the death of Ramon Nieves. Effective April 1.

Yoon Ki Kim (346.1) to Northbrook: Glenbrook Korean (Chicago: Northwestern District) from Highland Park: Galilee (Chicago: Northwestern District).

Harry Nicol (Extension Ministry) to retirement from Extension Ministry. Harry retires after serving for 45 years, most recently as President of the United Methodist Foundation since 2003. During his appointive ministry Harry served Deerfield: Christ (Assoc.), Minooka and Buffalo Grove: Kingswood. In addition Harry was appointed to several extension sites including: Lake County Youth Services and Big Brothers, Big Sisters. Harry’s retirement will be effective October 1.

April Announcements

Rachel Birkhahn-Rommelfanger (Provisional Elder – pending final approval) to Chicago: Berry Memorial (Chicago Northwestern District).

Roland Harkleroad (Local Pastor) Shirland (Rockford District) will conclude his ministry as of July 1, 2014.

Jin Hee Kang (Full Elder – pending final approval) currently serving Winthrop Harbor (Elgin District) will also serve North Prairie (Elgin District). Each site will be ½ time.

Chung Nam Kwak (Full Elder) to Rockford: Brooke Road (Rockford District).

Susanne Wilczek (Local Pastor) will conclude her ministry serving Capron and Chemung (Rockford District) due to illness, effective May 11th.

Tom Yang (Provisional Elder – pending final approval) to Hampshire: First (Elgin District).

Laura Wilson (Provisional Member – pending final approval) Appointment to Attend School. Laura will enter a Clinical Pastoral Education program with the Department of Veterans Affairs in Durham, North Carolina for one year.

So Young Kim (Provisional Elder) to Bensenville (Elgin District) from Chicago: New Hope (Chicago Northwestern District).  Effective June 1.

Teri Lafferty (Local Pastor) to Rockford: Evans, part-time (Rockford District), from Mt. Carroll (Rockford District).

Hyu Jae Lee (Elder) to Highland Park: Galilee (Chicago Northwestern District) from Wilmington (Aurora District).

Larry Paris (Provisional Elder, pending final approval) to Evergreen Park (Chicago Southern District).

Pamela Pirtle (Local Pastor) to Chicago: Gorham (Chicago Southern District).

Nancy Weingartner (Local Pastor) to Albany, part-time (DeKalb District) from Sterling: Wesley (DeKalb District).

Mi Sook Yoo (Elder) to Barrington, Associate (Elgin District) from Wilmington (Aurora District).

May Announcements

Michele Watkins Branch (Provisional Elder, pending Final Approval) to Extension Ministry as an Intern for Strengthening the Black Church for the 21st Century. 

Linda Deming (Elder) to Medical Leave from Ottawa: Evangelical (DeKalb District) effective May 1.
Heewon Kim (Provisional Elder, pending Final Approval) to Dixon: First, Associate (DeKalb District). Heewon will begin his appointment June 1.
Mark Myers (Elder) to intentional connectional ministry between Rockford: New Life (3/4 time) and Shirland (1/4time) (Rockford District) from full-time at New Life.

Judy Sherk (Elder) from Wilton Center Federated (Aurora District) to Orangeville and Afolkey: Bethel (Rockford District).

Eric Blachford (Elder) to Harvard: First and Alden (Elgin District) from Rockford: The Net (Rockford District).

Grace Oh (Provisional Elder, pending final approval) to Ottawa: Evangelical (DeKalb District). Effective June 1.

Wesley Dickson (Elder) to Sterling: Wesley (DeKalb District) from Bolingbrook: Crossroads of Faith (Aurora District).

Thomas Kingery (Elder) to Wilmington (Aurora District) from Rockton (Rockford District).

Bob Carroll (Assigned, pending Local Pastors license) to Capron and Chemung (Rockford District).  Effective June 1.

Sandra Smith (Local Pastor) to Earlville (1/2 time) (DeKalb District) while continuing to serve Triumph (1/4 time) (DeKalb District).

Gary Waters (Elder) to Grayslake: United Protestant (Elgin District) from Glen Ellyn: St. Thomas (Aurora District).

Cynthia Zolk (Elder) to Wedron (1/4 time) (DeKalb District) while continuing to serve Harding and Serena (DeKalb District) ¼ and ½ time respectively.

Joshua Bailey Greene (Local Pastor) to Batavia (Aurora District) as Associate Pastor (full time). This is a new appointment site.

Robert Sathuri (Elder) to Morris UMC (Aurora District) from Elgin: First (Elgin District).

Megan Smick (Provisional Elder, pending Approval) to Rockton (Rockford District) from appointment as Local Pastor at New Milford and Rockton (Rockford District).

Donna Trinko (Associate Member – Retired) to Winfield Community (Aurora District) as interim pastor ¼ time. Donna will start May 25.

Mary Bohall (Provisional Elder, Pending Final Approval) to Chadwick: Hope, Fairhaven and Hickory Grove (Rockford District) Mary follows Melwyn Alagodi as he is appointed to Tinley Park.

Thomas Bourke, Jr. (Elder) to Bolingbrook: Crossroads of Faith (Aurora District) from Dakota/Rock Grove (Rockford District). Tom follows Wes Dickson as he is appointed to Sterling: Wesley.

Richard Carlson (Elder) to Elgin: First (Senior Pastor) (Elgin District) from Barrington: Salem (Elgin District). Rick follows Robert Sathuri who is appointed to Morris.


Brittany Cox (Provisional Elder, Pending Final Approval) to First United Church of Oak Park (Federated Presbyterian/UCC) as Pastoral Associate for Membership and Congregational Care under ¶345, Ecumenical Shared Ministry.

Kimberly Davis (Provisional Deacon, Pending Final Approval) to Chicago Police Department – Chaplain.
Jonathan Hayag (Deacon) from Transitional Leave to Personal Leave of Absence.
Kristine Marshall (346.2) to Elgin: First (1/2 time Associate) (Elgin District).
Bonnie Ogie-Kristianson (Elder) from Florida United Methodist Foundation to Transitional Leave, effective June 1.
Mary Rawlinson (Provisional Deacon, Pending Final Approval) to an appointment to attend school at Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary.
Thomas Rawlinson (Provisional Elder) to Chicago: New Hope (1/2 time) (Chicago Northwestern District) from Glenview (Associate) and Chicago: St. Matthew (Associate) (Chicago: Northwestern District).
Rebecca Rutter (Provisional Elder, Pending Final Approval) to DePere Wisconsin – New Hope UMC as Rebecca transfers to Wisconsin upon Commissioning as a Provisional Elder.

June Announcements

Raymond Austin (Local Pastor pending License) to Riverside (Chicago Southern District) ½ time.
Tammy Biltgen (Deacon) to Naperville: Grace as Administrative Pastor (Aurora District) from Minooka (Aurora District).
Kevin Clark (346.2) to First Congregational Church of Mukwonago, Wisconsin.
Dwayne Grant (Local Pastor) to Greater Englewood ½ time (Chicago Southern District) from Xperience New Faith Community which is being discontinued.
Eve Harris (Local Pastor pending License) to West Englewood 1/4 time (Chicago Southern District).
Wendy Hardin Hermann (Elder) to Glenview, ½ time (Chicago: Northwestern District).
Donna Hoffman (Local Pastor) to Mt. Carroll (Rockford District) from Warren/Apple River.
Matthew Johnson (Elder) to Naperville: Grace (Associate) (Aurora District) from Chicago: Holy Covenant (Chicago Northwestern District).
Janice Jordan (Provisional Elder, Pending Final Approval) appointed to Extension Ministry at University of Colorado, Boulder Wesley Foundation as Associate Pastor, ¾ time.
Fredrick Lartey (DS Supply) to African Community ½ time (Chicago Northwestern District).Steven Mindrup (Elder) to Sandwich (Aurora District) from Dundee: First (Elgin District).Sung Ja Lee Moon (Elder) to Barrington: Salem (Elgin District) from McHenry (Elgin District).Matthew Smith (Local Pastor pending License) to Winnegbago and German Valley (Rockford District).

Linda Walker (Local Pastor) to Crossroads of Life Prison Community, Logan Correctional Center, Lincoln Illinois as an Extension Ministry.

Eun Bae Doh (Elder) to Arlington Heights: Incarnation (Elgin District) from Stockton: Calvary (Rockford District).  Effective July 15.

Scott McClellan (Elder) to McHenry (Elgin District) as Senior Pastor from Morris (Aurora District).

Amos Oladipo (Elder) to Mandell ¾ time (Chicago Northwestern District) and Lombard: Faith ¼ time (Aurora District).

James Wilson (Retired Elder) to Hebron ½ time (Elgin District). Effective July 15.

Valerie Davis (Provisional Deacon) to the General Board of Global Ministries as the United Methodist Volunteer in Mission Coordinator in Haiti. Effective July 1.

Lindsey Long (Local Pastor, pending License) to Oak Park: St. John’s (Chicago: Northwestern District).  Effective August 1.

Danice Loveridge (Provisional Deacon) to Popular Grove staff, part-time (Rockford District).

Thomas Rawlinson (Provisional Elder) to Extension Ministry with Community Partners for the Common Good (Executive Director) ½ time. Effective July 1.

Jonathan Singleton (Elder) to Stockton: Calvary (Rockford District) from Sandwich: United (Aurora District). Effective July 15.

Yoshiya Takahashi (Elder) to the Department of Chaplaincy Services and Pastoral Education at the University of Virginia Heath System in Charlottesville, Virginia from 346.1. Effective June 9.

Reuel Talapian (Elder) to Chicago: West Ridge (1/2 time) and St. Matthew (1/2 time) (both on the Chicago: Northwestern District).  Effective August 1.

Nancy Vidad (Local Pastor, pending License) to Dakota (Rockford District).

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