DYCK-SALLY-204Bishop Sally Dyck grew up in rural Washington State. Her home church is on the corner of a wheat field about 20 miles from any town. She grew up on a farm nearby.

Now, when asked where she’s from, she says, “I’m from I-90. I-90 goes by where I was born and raised. I-90 has a ramp to Boston University where I graduated from college and Boston University School of Theology where I went to seminary. I spent 25 years of ministry as a pastor and a district superintendent in the Cleveland, Ohio area and I-90 goes through that area. After I was elected a bishop in 2004, I was assigned to the Minnesota Annual Conference and I-90 goes through the southern part of the state. I was assigned to the Northern Illinois Annual Conference in 2012 and reassigned for another four years in 2016. I walk across I-90 in order to go to my office at the Temple/First UMC in Chicago. I’m from I-90!”

Throughout her ministry as a pastor, a district superintendent, and a bishop, Bishop Dyck has served churches in rural, suburban and urban areas, beginning her ministry on the near west side of Cleveland in the late 1970’s. As a bishop, she spends nearly every Sunday (or more) in local churches throughout the conference.

Since coming to Northern Illinois, Bishop Sally has worked to help the Northern Illinois Conference strengthen its capacity to fulfill its purpose (given in the Book of Discipline): “to make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world by equipping its local churches for ministry and by providing a connection for ministry beyond the local church; all to the glory of God.”

The purpose of the annual conference is to equip and serve the local church so when the purpose is fulfilled, it accomplishes its vision: “making and supporting vital Christians in vital congregations that engage with their communities and the world for peace, justice and mercy.”

Believing that an inward focus is the greatest threat to a local church, Bishop Sally works to help churches grow in their engagement with their communities, bringing joy to their cities and towns (Acts 8:8). In rural, suburban and urban areas, all churches have a mission field to which they are called.

Bishop Dyck presently serves as the President of the General Board of Church and Society for the United Methodist Church and also is a member of the Central Committee of the World Council of Churches.

Bishop Dyck is married to Rev. Dr. Kenneth P. Ehrman since 1976. He is the Director of Field Education at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, Illinois. They have traveled the world together over the years and presently enjoy living in the west loop of Chicago.

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Read the Bishop's blog at www.bishopdyck.org.

Update on Landscape Strategy process

January 17, 2016 By Bishop Sally Dyck Following the presentation at the special session of annual conference on November 7, 2015, I want to give updates on our strategic work. It’s a short time frame to make some changes to our structure, staffing, resource allocation, and programming by annual conference, but it’s the hope and plan to begin and…

Where does it hurt?

While the United Methodist Council of Bishops was meeting in a learning forum on November 1-4, 2015, the African College of Bishops issued a press release on global terrorism and human sexuality. You can find the full statement of the African College of Bishops by clicking here. I have chosen to comment on this statement because it has proved to be…

Bishop Sally Dyck

Looking over our landscape

We have recently completed the implementation of a questionnaire that assessed the vitality and effectiveness of the work of the Northern Illinois Annual Conference. Called the Landscape tool, it is designed to provide key information on the experiences, perceptions and aspirations of clergy and laity in the annual conference. The purpose of this self-assessment is…

Bishop Sally Dyck

What does the church say about bullying?

“What’s new in the 2016 Book of Discipline?” you might ask. It’s always an adventure to begin to look through either deliberately in search of a specific paragraph or to accidentally come upon something that is indeed new. Bullying is new in the 2016 Book of Discipline. It’s at the end of “The Nurturing Community”…


Bishop Dyck new ruling on question of law

Bishop Sally Dyck has issued a new ruling on a Question of Law first requested following the 2016 Clergy Session at the Northern Illinois Annual Conference regarding a statement by the Board of Ordained Ministry on giving equal consideration and protection to LGBTQ candidates. Bishop Dyck had ruled that the initial Question of Law was “moot…


Born in the midst of a mess

As we celebrate the birth of Christ into the world once again, we are reminded of the story we know so well that Christ came into the personal, political/governmental, and even religious messes of his day over 2,000 years ago! And in the case you don’t want to read this whole thing, the truth is…


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