2016-2017 Appointments

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All announced appointments are effective July 1, 2017 (unless otherwise noted).

August Announcements

Steve Good (Elder) to Oswego: Good Shepherd (Aurora District) from Channahon (Aurora District). Steve follows Phil Sheets who is appointed to Lockport: First. Effective October 1.

Gary Rich (DS Supply) to Cedarville/Red Oak (Rockford District). Gary follows Bettye Mixon (Interim). Effective September 1.

September Announcements

Tim Casey (Elder) to Channahon from Bartlett: Good Shepherd. Tim follows Steve Good who is appointed to Oswego: Good Shepherd. Effective January 1.

Sophia Hyon (Local Pastor) to Milledgeville ¼ time (DeKalb District) while also serving Coleta (DeKalb District). Sophia follows Andrew Pittman who will discontinue his assigned status. Effective November 1.

Danice Loveridge (Deacon) to Rockford Urban Ministries as Work Camp Program Developer from Poplar Grove UMC. Effective September 1.

Antoinette Lucas (Assigned) to Albany 1/2 time (DeKalb District). Toni follows Nancy Weingartner who retired. Effective 10/15.

Cheri Magrini (Deacon) to Woodland Spiritual Retreats for Women in Ministry from Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance Chicago Loop Chapter. Effective September 1.

Mary Steinwandt (Local Pastor) to Mokena 1/2 time (Aurora District). Mary follows Eddie Eddy who is appointed to Freeport: Trinity/Embury. Effective September 15.

Marcus Tabb to Maywood: Neighborhood (3/4 time) while continuing to serve Chicago: Granville.  Marcus follows Jacque Conway who is appointed as Chicago Southern District Superintendent.  Effective October 1

Rachel Birkhahn-Rommelfanger (Elder) to Medical Leave from Chicago: Berry Memorial (Chicago: Northwestern District).  Effective November 1.

Jeff Brace (District Superintendent Supply) to Capron/Chemung (Rockford District), ½ time.  Jeff follows Bob Carroll who has discontinued his appointment.  Effective December 1.

Barry Britton (Elder) to Retirement from Extension Ministry as Chaplain and CPE Supervisor at Rockford Health System, Rockford, IL.  Effective November 1.

Megan Dean (Elder) to Bartlett: Good Shephard (Aurora District) from Waukegan: Living Faith (Elgin District). Megan follows Tim Casey who is appointed to Channahon.  Effective January 1.

April Guiterze (Local Pastor) to Chicago: Berry Memorial (Chicago: Northwestern District), ¾ time.  April follows Rachel Birkhahn-Rommelfanger who moves to Medical Leave. Effective November 1.

Taekhwan Lee (Local Pastor) to Chicago: West Ridge (Chicago: Northwestern District), 1/4 time associate.  Effective November 1.

Terry McDorman (Local Pastor) remains at Wood Dale: Community with change in status to Local Pastor from District Superintendent Supply.

Claire Marich (Deacon) to Leave of Absence from Extension Ministry at Heartland Hospice as Spiritual Care Coordinator.  Effective October 1.

James Missick (District Superintendent Supply/Interim) to Chicago: Grace Calvary (Chicago Southern District).  James follows Rodney Walker who is appointed to Chicago: St. Matthew ½ time.  Effective November 15.

Thomas Rawlinson (Elder) to Naperville: Community (Associate) (Aurora District) from Chicago: New Hope (Chicago Northwestern District).  Tom follows Leo Waynick, (Retired Elder) who has been serving as interim.  Effective January 1.

C. Kay Turner (Elder) to Leave of Absence from Extension Ministry at Loyola University Medical Center/Gottlieb Memorial Hospital. Effective October 1.

Rodney Walker (Local Pastor) to Chicago; St. Matthew (Chicago: Northwestern District), ½ time.  Rodney follows Jacque Conway who was appointed Chicago Southern District Superintendent. Effective November 1.

Janette Wilson (District Superintendent Supply) to Chicago: Fernwood (Chicago Southern District).  Janette follows Elliott Parker who has discontinued his appointment. Effective November 15.

January 2017

Patricia Allen-Stewart (Elder) to retirement from Galena (Rockford District).  Patricia became a Probationary Member of the Northern Illinois Conference in 1978 and a Full Member in 1983.  During her ministry, Patricia served Lake Villa, Scales Mound and Galena.

Justin Baxter (346.2) to Chicago: New Hope (1/4th time) (Chicago: Northwestern District).  Justin follows Tom Rawlinson who is appointed to Naperville: Community (Associate) (Aurora District).  Effective January 1.

Oscar Carrasco (Retired Elder) Oscar will return to retired status from Prophetstown.
Joey Garcea (Local Pastor) to Savanna (Rockford District) from Apple River/Scales Mound (Rockford District).  Effective February 1.

Karen Hundrieser (Local Pastor) to retirement from Polo: Faith (DeKalb District).  Karen became a local pastor in January 2001.  During her ministry, she served Seneca, Kingston, Worth, Wood Dale: Community and Polo: Faith.

Thomas Kingery  (Elder) to retirement from Wilmington: First (Aurora District).  Tom became a Probationary Member of the Northern Illinois Conference in 1982 and a Full Member in 1984.  During his ministry he served Brookville-Elkhorn, Rockford: Harlem, Plano, Galena, Pecatonica, Rockton and Wilmington: First.

William Landis (Elder) to retirement from Antioch.  Bill became a Probationary Member of the Northern Illinois Conference in 1976 and a Full Member in 1980.  During his ministry, Bill served Prairie View, Kingswood (Associate), Sheridan, Norway, Savanna, Sycamore and Antioch.

Sherrie Lowly (Elder) to Waukegan: Living Faith (part-time) (Elgin District) from Itasca: Bethany (Elgin District) upon the closing of the Itasca church.  Sherrie follows Megan Dean who is appointed to Bartlett: Good Shepherd.  Effective January 15.

Richard Mosley, Jr. (346.1 – Clergy from another Methodist Denomination) will retire.  Richard currently serves at Evanston: Hemenway (Chicago Northwestern District).  He is an ordained pastor in the African Methodist Episcopal Church.

Brian Roots (Elder) to retirement from Deerfield: Christ (Chicago Northwestern District).  Brian began serving at Christ in 2009 and transferred from the Missouri West Conference in 2011.

Roger Zavala (Retired Elder) Roger will return to retired status from Elgin: Wesley (Elgin District).

Christopher Druce Jones (Elder) to Voluntary Transition from Poplar Grove (Rockford District). Chris became a Probationary Member in 2000, a Full Member in 2002.  He served Rockford: Centennial Multicultural, Rockford: Court Street,  Lake Villa, Rockford: Brooke Road and Poplar Grove.

Libby Rutherford (District Superintendent Supply) to Scales Mound and Apple River.  Libby follows Joey Garcea who is appointed to Savanna (Rockford District).  Effective February 1.

Jamie Hanna Williams (Elder) to retirement from Libertyville (Elgin District).  Jamie became a Probationary Member in 1982 and Full Member in 1986.  During her ministry, Jamie served Wheaton: Aldersgate, Deerfield: Christ, Bolingbrook: Friendship and Libertyville (Co-Pastor).

Stephen Williams (Elder) to retirement from Libertyville (Elgin District).  Stephen was ordained in Central Pennsylvania.  He transferred to Northern Illinois in 1988. During his ministry, Stephen served Downers Grove: Faith, Naperville: Wesley (Associate), Franklin Park,  Lombard: First and Libertyville (Co-Pastor).

February Announcements

Harriette Cross (Elder) to Wilmington (Aurora District) from Chicago: Englewood/Rust (Chicago Southern District). Harriette follows Tom Kingery who moves to retirement.
Catiana McKay (Elder) to Galena (Rockford District) from Chicago: United Church of Rogers Park (Chicago Northwestern District). Catiana follows Patricia Allen-Stewart who moves to retirement.
Mark Meyers (Elder) to Prophetstown (DeKalb District) from Shirland/Machesney Park: New Life (Rockford District). Mark follows Oscar Carrasco who returns to retirement.
Norval Brown (Elder) to Deerfield: Christ (Chicago Northwestern District) from Thornton/Park Forest: Grace (Chicago: Southern District). Norval follows Brian Roots who is retiring.
Charlette J. Hoffmann (Elder) to The United Methodist Church of Antioch (Elgin District) from Villa Park: Calvary (Elgin District). Char follows Bill Landis who is retiring.
Douglas Carroll (Elder) to Poplar Grove (Rockford District) from Manhattan (Aurora District). Doug follows Chris Druce Jones who is moving to voluntary transition.
Brian LeBaron (Associate Member) to Polo: Faith (DeKalb District) from Lena (Rockford District).  Brian follows Karen Hundrieser who is retiring.
Grace Oh (Elder) to Chicago: Englewood/Rust (Chicago Southern District) from Ottawa: Evangelical (DeKalb District).  Grace follows Harriette Cross who is appointed to Wilmington: First.

March Announcements

Jay Carr (Elder) to Libertyville (Elgin District) as Senior Pastor, from New Lenox (Aurora District). Jay follows Stephen Williams and Jamie Hannah Williams who are retiring.
Young Eun Choi (Elder) to Medical Leave from Plainfield: Sharon (Aurora District). Effective March 1.
Kihwan Choi (Pending Provisional Status) to full-time from part-time, continuing to serve Seneca: First and Marseilles (DeKalb District).
Jesus Molina (Local Pastor) to Chicago: Adalberto Memorial (1/4 time) (Chicago: Northwestern District). Jesus follows Emma Lozano who continues at Chicago: Lincoln (DSS) (Chicago: Southern District).
William Mueller (Elder) to retirement from Extension Ministry with Winnetka Congregational Church as Associate Pastor and Loyola University Chicago; Graduate School of Social Work. Bill became a probationary member in 1976 and Full Elder in 1981. During his ministry Bill served: Chicago: Emmaus, Chicago: Mayfair, Alsip: Christ, Chicago Heights, Evanston: Covenant and various extension ministry settings.  Effective April 1.
Anne Rial (Elder) to retirement from Extension Ministry at The Inn at Willow Falls as Chaplain.  Anne became a probationary member in 1997 and Full Elder in 2002. During her ministry Anne served:  Timber Ridge, Mokena, Lockport: First and Lemont.
Mary Wise (Elder) to retirement from Medical Leave.  Mary became a probationary member in 1989 and Full Elder in 1992. During her ministry she served Chicago: South Deering, Pullman, Elgin: First, South Elgin Community and Dolton: Faith.

Melwyn Alagodi (Provisional Elder) to Manhattan (Aurora District) from Tinley Park (Chicago: Southern District). Melwyn follows Doug Carroll who is appointed to Poplar Grove (Rockford District).

Julie Fluerinor-Moore (Local Pastor) to Villa Park: Calvary (Elgin District) from Chicago: Resurrection (Chicago: Northwestern District). Julie follows Char Hoffman who is appointed to Antioch (Elgin District).

Joy Starwalt (Elder) to full-time Chaplain with Lincolnland Hospice based out of Sarah Bush Lincoln Hospital in Mattoon Illinois from 346.1 in Illinois Great Rivers Conference. Effective April 17.

Teresa Lafferty (Local Pastor) to Plainfield: Sharon (1/2 time) (Aurora District) from Rockford: Evans (1/2 time) (Rockford District). Teri follows Young Eun Choi who was appointed to Medical Disability.

Wesley Dickson (Elder) to New Lenox (Aurora District) from Sterling: Wesley (DeKalb District).  Wes will follow Jay Carr who is appointed to Libertyville (Elgin District).
Kyeong-Ah (Kay) Woo (Elder) to General Board of Global Ministry as Global Missionary serving as Conference Coordinator of the World Mission Conference with the World Council of Churches in Switzerland from Kirkland (DeKalb District).

April Announcements

Fritz Bartels (Elder) to Joliet: Grace (Aurora District) from Crete (Chicago Southern District). Fritz follows Daniel Diss who is appointed to Glen Ellyn: First. (Aurora District).
Scort Christy (Provisional Elder pending approval) to Evanston: Emmanuel (Chicago Northwestern District) from Elmwood Park following Timothy Rathod as he retires.
Daniel Diss (Elder) to Glen Ellyn: First (Aurora District) from Joliet: Grace (Aurora District). Daniel follows Kristen Larsen whose appointment is in process.
Hyewon (Sophia) Hyon (Provisional Elder pending approval) to Milledgeville ½ time (Rockford District) and Coleta ½ time (DeKalb District) from part-time at both sites.
Taekhwan Lee (Local Pastor) to Evanston: Hemenway (½ time)(Chicago Northwestern District) while also remaining appointed to Chicago: West Ridge (1/2  time).  Taekhwan follows Richard Mosley as he retires.
Amos Oladipo (Elder) to Thornton/Park Forest: Grace Protestant (Chicago Southern District) from Chicago: Mandell (Chicago Northwestern District) and Lombard: Faith (Aurora District).  Amos follows Norval Brown who is appointed to Deerfield: Christ.
Ashish Singh (Provisional Elder pending approval) to Libertyville (Associate) (Elgin District) from Chicago: First Vietnamese. Ashish follows Jamie Hanna-Williams and Steve Williams as they retire.
Robyn Tabb (DSS) to Chicago: Resurrection (Chicago Northwestern District) from Maywood: Neighborhood (Chicago Southern District). Robyn follows Julie Fleurinor-Moore who is appointed to Villa Park: Calvary (Elgin District).
Reuel Talapian (Elder) to Evanston: Hemenway (1/2 time) (Chicago Northwestern District) from Chicago: St. Matthew (Chicago Northwestern District) while also remaining in his appointment to Chicago: West Ridge (1/2 time) (Chicago: Northwestern District). Reuel follows Richard Mosley as he retires.
Brenda Byrne (Elder) to Burritt (Rockford District) while also serving at Davis: Calvary and Rock City as a three -point charge.  Brenda follows Larry Moody who returns to retired status.
Ouk-Yean Kim Jueng (Elder) to Campbell UMC in Campbell, California (California Nevada Conference) as Senior Pastor (346.1) from Arlington Heights: First (Elgin District).
Jin Yang Kim (Elder) to appointment as a Missionary with the General Board of Global Ministries as Coordinator of Korean Peninsula Dialogue and Peacebuilding with Wold Council of Churches in Geneva, Switzerland from Stewart and Creston (Dekalb District).
Kyungsu Park (Provisional Elder) to Rockford: Evans/New Life (Rockford District) from Wheeling: First Korean and Journey Community (Chicago: Northwestern District).  Kyungsu follows Teri Lafferty who is appointed to Plainfield: Sharon (Aurora District) and Mark Meyers who is appointed to Prophetstown (DeKalb District).
Judy Sherk (Elder) to retirement while remaining at Orangeville/Afolkey (Part-time) (Rockford District).   Judy became a probationary member in 1989 and a full member in 1992.  During her ministry, she served Elgin: Grace, Waukegan: First (Assoc.), Mundelein, Steward/Creston, Libertyville (Assoc.), Wilton Center Federated and Orangeville/Afolkey.
Chung-Nam Kwak (Elder) to Tinley Park (Chicago Southern District) from Rockford: Brooke Road (Rockford District).  Chung-Nam follows Melwyn Alagodi who is appointed to Manhattan (Aurora District).
Robert Butler (Elder) to Itasca New Faith Community (Elgin District) from Leave of Absence.
Jenny Weber (Elder) to Kirkland (DeKalb District) from Oak Park: First (Chicago Northwestern District). Jenny follows Kyeong-Ah Woo who is appointed to GBGM as a missionary.
Katherine Paisley (Elder) to Oak Park: First (Chicago Northwestern District) from Chicago: Irving Park (Chicago Northwestern District). Katherine follows Jenny Weber who is appointed to Kirkland (DeKalb District).
Marcus Tabb (346.1) to Maywood: Neighborhood (Chicago Northwestern District) full time from part time.

May Announcements

Hope Chernich (DSS) to United Church of Rogers Park (1/2 time) and Chicago: Irving Park (1/2 time)(Chicago Northwestern District) as associate.
Melissa Earley (Elder) to Arlington Heights: First (Elgin District) from Northbrook (Chicago Northwestern District). Melissa follows Ouk-Yean Kim Jueng who is appointed to Campbell in the Cal-Nevada Conference as a 346.1.
Soon Chang Jang (Elder) to retirement from Mundelein: Vision Church.  Soon Chang transferred from the Korean Methodist Church in 1998 and has served Mundelein: Vision during his ministry.
Lindsey Long Joyce (Provisional Elder) to United Church of Rogers Park (1/2 time)(Chicago Northwestern District) and Chicago: Irving Park (1/2 time)(Chicago Northwestern District) from Oak Park: St. Johns (Chicago Northern District).   Lindsey follows Catiana McKay who is appointed to Galena (Rockford District) and Katherine Paisley who is appointed to Oak Park: First (Chicago: Northwestern District).
Thoreau May (DSS) to Chicago: Mandell, ¾ time (Chicago Northwestern District).  Thoreau follows Amos Olidipo who is appointed to Thornton and Park Forest.
Nancy Vidad (LP) to Rockford: Brooke Road (Rockford District) from Dakota (Rockford District).  Nancy follows Chung Nam Kwak who is appointed to Tinley Park (Chicago: Southern District).
Brenda Morris (LP) to Dakota: Rock Grove (Rockford District) from Stockton: Wesley (Rockford District). Brenda follows Nancy Vidad who is appointed to Rockford: Brooke Road (Rockford District).
Keri Rainsberger (Pending LP License) to Lena (Rockford District). Keri follows Brian LeBaron who is appointed to Polo: Faith (DeKalb District).
Thomas Yang (Elder) to Pacific Northwest Conference (346.1), Seattle District, Bellevue mission field as a new church start planter from Hampshire: First (Elgin District).
Paul Judd (Elder) to Brock UMC in the North District of the Central Texas Conference (346.1) from DeKalb: First (DeKalb District).
Kristen Larsen (Elder) to Crete (Chicago Southern District) from Glen Ellyn: First (Aurora District).  Kristen follows Fritz Bartels who is appointed to Joliet: Grace (Aurora District).
Ayla Samson (Pending Commissioning to Provisional Elder) to Lombard: Faith (Aurora District) ¾ time while continuing to serve at Chicago: G2G (NFC) (Chicago Southern District) ¼ time.  Ayla follows Amos Oladipo who is appointed to Thornton and  Park Forest: Grace United Protestant (Chicago Southern District).
Jeremiah Thompson (346.1 from Illinois Great Rivers Conference) to Sterling: Wesley (DeKalb District).  Jeremiah follows Wesley Dickson who is appointed to New Lenox (Aurora District).
Megan Thompson (346.1 from Illinois Great Rivers Conference) to Steward/Creston (DeKalb District).  Megan follows Jin Yang Kim who is appointed as a GBGM missionary.

June Announcements

Jonathan Crail (Elder) to DeKalb: First (DeKalb District) from Oak Lawn: First (Chicago Southern District).  Jonathan follows Paul Judd who is taking an appointment in Texas.
Sherrie Lowly (Elder) to Northbrook: Northbrook (Chicago Northwestern District) from an interim appointment at Waukegan: Living Faith (Elgin District).  Sherri follows Melissa Earley who is appointed to Arlington Heights: First (Elgin District).
Cris Ramirez (Local Pastor) to Rockford: Harlem (1/2 time) (Rockford District) while remaining at Belvidere: Emerge (1/4 time)(New Faith Community) (Rockford District).  Cris follows Rolland Harkleroad who is retiring.
Leslie Stanford (District Superintendent Supply) to Shirland (1/4 time) (Rockford District).  Leslie follows Mark Meyers who is appointed to Prophetstown (DeKalb District).
DaeGyu Yim (Local Pastor) to Ottawa: Evangelical (1/2 time) (DeKalb District) while remaining in his appointment to Leland (DeKalb District).  DaeGyu follows Grace Oh who is appointed to Chicago: Englewood and Rust (Chicago Southern District).
M Barclay (Provisional Deacon) to The Reconciling Ministry Network as Director of Communications.
Daniel Cochran (Provisional Elder) to Hinsdale (Associate) (1/2 time) (Aurora District).

Mark Himel (Local Pastor) to Naperville: Grace (Associate) (1/4 time) (Aurora District).  Effective June 1.

Debby Ingram (Provisional Deacon) to Appointment to Attend School as CPE residency at Elmhurst Memorial Hospital.
Felicia LaBoy (Elder) to Oak Park: St. John’s (Chicago Northwestern District) from Extension Ministry.  Felicia follows Lindsey Long Joyce who is appointed to Chicago: United Church of Rogers Park and Chicago: Irving Park.
Mary Rawlinson (Deacon) to Aurora: Hesed House from Chicago: Night Ministry. Effective March 15.
Sharon Rice (Deacon) to Sugar Grove (1/4 time) (Aurora District) from Leave of Absence.
Allyson Talbert (Deacon) to UI Health as Staff Chaplain from Northwestern Medicine.
Kathy Wellman (Provisional Deacon) to Naperville: Wesley (Aurora District).
Paul Lawson (District Superintendent Supply) to Hazel Crest/Blue Island (Chicago Southern District). Paul follows Juancho Campanano who is appointed to extension ministry.

Danice Loveridge (Deacon) to Belvidere Boon County Food Pantry as Executive Director from Rockford Urban Ministries.

Carol Madalin (Deacon) to Pinnacle Care as a Health Care Advisor from appointment as Hospice Chaplain.

Matthew Mariani (District Superintendent Supply) to Hampshire: First (Elgin District). Matthew follows Thomas Yang who is appointed to the Pacific Northwest as a 346.1.

Chuck Wolbers (District Superintendent Supply) to Stockton: Wesley, Kent and Willow (3/4 time) (Rockford District). Chuck follows Brenda Morris who is appointed to Dakota: Rock Grove (Rockford District). Effective 8/1.

Min Hyuk Woo (Elder) to Mundelein: Vision Korean (Elgin District) returning from 346.1 in Wisconsin. Min Hyuk follows Soon Chang Jang who is retiring. Effective 8/1.

July Announcements

James Fu (District Superintendent Supply) to Elmhurst: Christ ¼ time (Elgin District). James follows Joan Patten Seaton (Local Pastor) who will end her service at Elmhurst: Christ.  Effective July 15.

Wendy Hardin Hermann (Elder) to Mt. Prospect: Trinity (Elgin District) from Glenview (Chicago Northwestern District).  Wendy follows Colleen Norman who is appointed to Oak Lawn: First (Chicago Southern District).  Effective August 15.

Kye Il Hong (Elder) to Franklin Park ½ time and Elmwood Park ¼ time while remaining at Melrose Park: Cosmopolitan (1/4 time) (Chicago Northwestern District).  Kye Il follows Orlando Moller (Franklin Park) who died in early June and Scort Christy (Elmwood Park) who is now pastor at Evanston:  Emmanuel.

Dennis Langdon (Elder) to Chicago: Trinity ¼ time while remaining at Chicago: Morgan Park ¾ time (Chicago Southern District).  Dennis follows Delian Stone (346.2) who is no longer appointed.

Eric Reniva (Local Pastor License Pending) to Glenview ½ time and Melrose Park: Cosmopolitan 1/2 time.  Eric follows Wendy Hardin Herman (Glenview) and fills a new position at Melrose Park: Cosmopolitan. Glenview is effective 8/15.

Erin Simmons (Provisional Deacon) to Chicago: First (Temple), ¾ time (Chicago Southern District).

Jason Turner (Elder) to Extension Ministry with DayOne PACT, Service Coordinator, from Elmhurst: Faith Evangelical (Elgin District).  Effective July 15.

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