2015-2016 Appointments

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2016 Appointment Sheet

August 2015 Announcements

Elizabeth Bowes (Deacon) to First Church of Lombard (United Church of Christ) as Minister of Education (331.8) from Glen Ellyn: First (Aurora District). Effective September 1.
Scort Christy (Supply) assigned to Elmwood Park, 1/4 time (Chicago Northwestern District).  Effective August 15.
Saturnino (Nino) Espinoza (Supply) to Blue Island: Grace Hispanic Ministry, 1/4th time (Chicago Southern District). Nino follows Javier Rios who returned to his home conference. Effective September 1.
Trey Hall (Elder) from Co-Lead Pastor at Urban Village Church to Extension Ministry with The Epicenter Groups as urban church strategist and leadership coach. Trey will moving to Birmingham, United Kingdom, and will help coach and resource the church planting movement in the British Isles and Europe.  Effective January 1, 2016.
Monica Isaacs (Deacon) to Chicago: Urban Village – Andersonville (Chicago Northwestern District) as Director of Children’s Ministries.  Effective August 1.
Janice Jordan (Provisional Elder) from appointment to attend school to Family Leave, effective July 1.
Young Ok Park (Elder) to retirement from Leave of Absence Effective October 1, 2015.
Andrew Pittman (Supply) to Milledgeville, 1/4th time (Rockford District). Andrew follows Rosa Lee who is appointed to NIU Campus Ministry and Cortland (DeKalb District). Effective August 15.
Oscar Varnadoe (346.2) to Greater Englewood (Chicago Southern District). Oscar follows Dwayne Grant who has concluded his ministry at this site.  Effective August 15.

September Announcements

Samuel Castro (District Superintendent Supply) to Irving Park Hispanic New Faith Community (Chicago Northwestern District). Sam follows Cecelia Obrit who retired. Effective September 13.
Hyang Sook Choi (Provisional Deacon) to Behavioral Health Hospital at Centegra in Woodstock, Extension Ministry as Chaplain from appointment to attend school.  Effective September 8.
Sandy Harbour (Elder) to Moffitt Cancer Center, McKinley facility as Pastoral Care Chaplain full-time from part-time on-call.  Effective September 16.

January 2016 Announcements

Robert Butler (Elder) to Leave of Absence from Marengo (Elgin District).  Effective January 1, 2016.
MaryLou Eubanks (Local Pastor) to Wesley Willows, Rockford and Kindred Hospital, Sycamore as a Pastoral Care Chaplain. Effective November 1, 2015.
Robert Huston (District Superintendent Supply) to Greater Englewood, ¼ time (Chicago Southern District).  Robert follows Oscar Varnadoe (346.2) who has concluded his ministry with Greater Englewood.  Effective December 15, 2015.
Keith Kelsey-Powell (Retired Elder) to Davis Junction (Rockford District), Interim – part-time, following Casy Fiut who remains at New Milford part-time. Effective December 15, 2015.
Bonnie Ogie-Kristianson (Elder) retired December 1, 2015. Bonnie became a Probationary Member in 1974 in South Georgia and a Full Member of the Northern Illinois Conference in 1978.  During her ministry Bonnie served at Freeport: Embury (Associate), Galena, Evanston: Hemenway, as NIC Council Director, Wilmette: Trinity and in Extension Ministries.
Sung Kown Oh (Elder) retired September 1, 2015. Sung Kown became a Full Member in 1989. During his ministry he served at Cary (Associate), Korean American Campus Ministry, Chicago: Hyde Park Korean, Hazel Crest: Community, Blue Island: Grace, Lindenhurst: Trinity and Worth.
Rex Piercy (Elder) retired January 1, 2016. Rex transferred to the Northern Illinois Conference from Iowa in 2003 serving at Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary until 2006 then under ¶ 345 Ecumenical Shared Ministries with the Congregational United Church of Christ in Arlington Heights.
Mary Rawlinson (Provisional Deacon) to The Michael Barlow Center of St. Leonard’s in the Tutor and Life Skills Program as facilitator under ¶ 331.6d. Effective October 1, 2015.
Marcus Tabb (346.2) to Granville ¼ time (Chicago Northwestern District) joining in team ministry with Allen Barbour (DSS ¼ time).  Effective November 15, 2015.
Jamison Geiger (Elder) to Retirement from Wheaton: Gary (Aurora District). Jamie transferred to the Northern Illinois Conference from Eastern Pennsylvania in 1982. During his ministry he served Bensenville: First, Naperville: Community (Associate), Wilmington, Hinsdale: First, Libertyville and Wheaton: Gary.

Ju-Yeon Jeon (Local Pastor) to Buffalo Grove: Kingswood (Elgin District) ½ time. Effective January 1.

Hannah Kardon (Provisional Elder) to Urban Village Church – Wicker Park (Associate Pastor) (Chicago: Northwestern District) from Elston Avenue (Chicago: Northwestern District). Hannah follows Tray Hall who was appointed to Extension Ministry January 1. Effective (approx.) May 1.

Duk Kyu Kwon (Elder) to Retirement from Downers Grove: Faith (Aurora District). Duk became a Probationry Member of the Northern Illinois Conference in 1983 and a Full Member in 1985. During his ministry he served Barrington: First (Associate), Carol Stream: St. Andrew, Elgin District as Superintendent, North Central Jurisdiction Korean Mission Superintendent, Glencoe: North Shore, Woodstock: First, and Downers Grove: Faith.

Michael Morrell (Elder) to Retirement from Mendota: First (DeKalb District). Mike became a Probationary Member of the Northern Illinois Conference in 2005 and a Full Member in 2008. During his ministry he served Kirkland and Mendota: First.

Diana Otterbacher (Local Pastor) to Retirement from Hampshire: Zion (Elgin District). During her ministry Diana served at Ringwood and Greenwood, Alden and Hampshire: Zion.

Fernando Siaba (Elder) to Retirement from Carol Stream: St. Andrews (Aurora District). Fernando became a Probation Member in 1974 (in the Troy Conference) and a Full Member in 1978 in the Northern Illinois Conference. During his ministry Fernando served Chicago: Emmaus, Chicago: Ravenswood, Aurora: Primera Iglesia Metodist Unida, Belvidere (Associate), Joliet: Faith, Polo: First, Chicago: Humboldt Park and Carol Stream: St. Andrew.

Nancy Weingartner (Local Pastor) to Retirement from Albany (DeKalb District). During her ministry Nancy served Blaine/Hunter, Cherry Valley, Sycamore (Associate Pastor), Sterling: Wesley and Albany. Nancy’s retirement is effective March 1.

Cynthia Zolk (Elder) to Retirement from the multiple point charge of Serena, Harding and Wedron (DeKalb District). Cynthia became a Probationary Member in 1988 and a Full Member in 1993. During her ministry she served Aurora: Fourth St. (Associate), Wheaton: Gary Memorial (Associate), Waukegan: Living Faith, Franklin Park: First, Rockford: Brooke Road, Harding, Serena and Wedron.

Howard (Doc) Newcomb (Elder) to Marengo (Elgin District) from Addison (Elgin District).  Doc follows Bob Butler who moved to leave of absence January 1.  Effective March 1.

February Announcements

Gessel Berry, Jr. (Elder) to Retirement from Evanston: Sherman (Chicago Northwestern District). Gessel became a probationary member in 1969 and a full member of the NIC in 1973. During his ministry he served Chicago: Vincent, Chicago: New Gresham, Highland Park: Bethany, Zion: Memorial, Chicago: Hartzell Memorial and Evanston: Sherman. From 1989 to 1994 Gessel was a member of the West Michigan Conference. In addition Gessel served in Extension Ministry at the General Board of Pensions.

Bruce Anderson (Local Pastors License Pending) to Winfield: Community (1/4 time) (Aurora District).  Bruce follows Donna Trinko (Associate Member-Retired) as she returns to retirement. Effective February 15.
Michael Mann (Elder) to Carol Stream: St. Andrew (Aurora) from Associate Director of Mission and Advocacy. Michael follows Fernando Siaba who is retiring.
Barbara Morgan (Elder) to Evanston: Sherman (Chicago Northwestern District) from Chicago: St. Mark (Associate) (Chicago Southern District). Barbara follows Gessel Berry, Jr. who is retiring.
Christopher Pierson (Elder) to Wheaton: Gary (Aurora) from Director of Connectional Ministries.  Chris follows Jamie Geiger as Jamie retires.
Charles Insun Yoon (Elder) to Downers Grove: Faith (Aurora District) from Crystal Lake (Associate) (Elgin District). Charles follows Duk Kwon as Duk retires.
Elizabeth Bowes (Deacon) to transitional leave from First Church of Lombard (UCC), Minister of Education. Effective February 5.
Arlene Christopherson (Elder) to Director of Connectional Ministries while continuing in the appointment of Assistant to the Bishop.  Arlene follows Chris Pierson who is appointed to Wheaton: Gary, Lead Pastor (Aurora District).
Krista Paradiso (Provisional Elder) to Chicago: Elston Avenue (Chicago: Northwestern District) from Chicago: Trinity (Chicago Southern District).  Krista follows Hannah Kardon as Hannah is appointed to Urban Village Church – Wicker Park (Chicago Northwestern District). Effective May 1.

Will Green (Provisional Elder) to Foundry UMC, Washington D.C. as Associate Pastor and Director of Connecting Ministries (346.1) from Arlington Heights: First (Associate).

Sang Hun Han (Elder) to Addison: Good Samaritan (Elgin District) from Ashton (DeKalb District). Sang Hun follows Doc Newcomb who is appointed to Marengo.

Mary Rawlinson (Provisional Deacon) to The Night Ministry in Chicago as Outreach Minister. Effective February 15.

George David (Retired Elder) to Addison: Good Samaritan (Elgin District) as retired interim following Doc Newcomb whose move is effective March 1.

March Announcements

Gavin Brandt (Retired/Serving) return to retirement from Cedarville/Red Oak (Rockford District).
Doo Soo Lee (Provisional Elder)to Hampshire: Zion (Elgin District) from Pearl City: First/McConnell (Rockford District). Doo Soo follows Diana Otterbacher who is retiring.
Paul (Nick) Nicholas (Deacon) to the Missouri Annual Conference as Pastor of Youth Discipleship at Manchester UMC, from Appointment Beyond the Local Church as Northeast Jurisdictional UMVIM Coordinator. Effective 10/1/2015.
Henry Whang (Elder) to Extension Ministry on faculty of the Seoul Theological University (Seoul, South Korea) from Homewood:  South Suburban Korean (Chicago Southern District). Effective March 15.
Sally Bowers (Elder) to retirement from Extension Ministry. Sally became a probationary member in 1980 in the Central Illinois conference and transferred to Northern Illinois in 1984. She was ordained a full member in 1986. During her ministry Sally served Brookville and Elkhorn, Florence, the Freeport Area Cooperative of Churches, Freeport: Faith, Polo: First, and as Youth Development Educator, Dane County, Wisconsin.  Sally is currently chaplain at University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics.
Paul Nolden (Elder) to Leave of Absence from Lansing: First (Chicago: Southern District).
Kent Svendsen (Elder) to Mendota: First (DeKalb District) from Plano/Millbrook (Aurora District).  Kent follows Mike Morrell who is retiring.

April Announcements

Laura Barkley (Elder) to Leave of Absence from Palos Heights: Palos (Aurora District).
David Price (Elder) to Lansing: First (Chicago Southern District) from Joliet: Hope (Aurora District) David follows Paul Nolden who will go on leave of absence.
Kelly Van (Elder) to Leave of Absence from Lemont (Aurora District).
Laura Crites (Elder) to Ashton/Franklin Grove (DeKalb District) from Hinkley (DeKalb District).  Laura follows Sang Hun Han who is appointed to Addison: Good Samaritan.
Yoon Ki Kim (Elder) to Flossmoor: South Suburban Korean (Chicago: Southern District) from Northbrook: Glenbrook Korean (Chicago: Northwestern District).  Effective June 1.
Sarah Casey Meacham (Elder) to the Pacific Northwest as a new church start planter appointed to Bothell United Methodist Church, Bothell, Washington from Naperville: Community (Aurora District).
Brian Channel (Elder) to Iowa Conference as a 346.1 from Durand: Durand (Rockford District).
Barbara Good (Elder) to Palos Heights: Palos (Aurora District) from Oregon: Oregon (DeKalb District).  Barbara follows Laura Barkley who will go on Leave of Absence.
Hyo Sun Oh (Elder) to Lemont: Lemont (Aurora District) from Sheridan and Norway (DeKalb District).  Hyo Sun follows Kelly Van who will go on Leave of Absence.
Dwight Stewart (Elder) to Chicago: St. Mark (Chicago Southern District) from Mt. Morris: Disciples (DeKalb District).  Dwight follows Barbara Morgan who is appointed to Evanston: Sherman.
Stephanie Escher (Provisional Elder) to Naperville: Community (Associate) (Aurora District) from Oak Park: Euclid Avenue (Chicago Northwestern District).  Stephanie follows Sarah Casey Meacham who is appointed in the Pacific Northwest.
Rich Fassig (Local Pastor) to a four point charge comprised of: Harding, Norway, Serena and Sheridan (DeKalb District) from Rock Falls (DeKalb District).  Rich follows Cynthia Zolk who is appointed to Retirement and Hyo Sun Oh who is appointed to Lemont (Aurora District).
Linny Hartzell (Provisional Elder) to Joliet: Hope (Aurora District) from Hazel Crest: Community and Blue Island: Grace (Chicago Southern District).  Linny follows David Price who is appointed to Lansing: First (Chicago Southern District).
Sejoon Jang (Elder) to Hinckley: First (DeKalb District) from Savanna: First (Rockford District).  Sejoon follows Laura Crites who is appointed to Ashton and Franklin Grove (DeKalb District).
Bettye S. Mixon (Retired Elder) to Cedarville/Red Oak (Rockford District) as Interim from May 1 to June 31.  Betty follows Gavin Brandt who returns to retired status.
Matthew Smith (Local Pastor) to Pearl City: First and McConnell (Rockford District) from Winnebago and German Valley (Rockford District).  Matthew follows Doo Soo Lee who is appointed to Hampshire: Zion (Elgin District).

May Announcements

Julie Bunt (Elder) to Mt. Morris: Disciples (DeKalb District) from Freeport: Trinity/Embury (Rockford District). Julie follows Dwight Stewart who is appointed to Chicago: St. Mark (Associate) (Chicago Southern District).

Roland Harkleroad (Local Pastor) to Harlem (Rockford District). Roland follows Don Dexheimer (Retired Elder) who returns to retirement.

Keith Kelsey-Powell (Retired Elder) assigned to Davis Junction (Rockford District). Keith becomes the part-time pastor following interim service at the church for the past six months.

Thomas Kim (Elder) to Oregon (DeKalb District) from Sabbatical Leave. Thomas follows Barbara Good who is appointed to Palos Heights: Palos (Aurora District).

Juancho Campanano (Elder) to Blue Island: Grace and Hazel Crest: Community (Chicago Southern District) from Naperville: Wesley (Aurora District). Juancho follows Linny Hartzell who is appointed to Joliet: Hope (Aurora District).
Soon Sun Lee (Elder) to Durand (Rockford District) from Dundee: First (Elgin District). Soon Sun follows Brian Channel as Brian is appointed in the Iowa Conference.
Delian Stone (346.2) to Chicago: Trinity (Chicago Southern District). Delian follows Krista Paradiso who is appointed to Chicago: Elston Avenue (Chicago Northwestern District). Effective May 1.

Stevan Saunders (Assigned) to Plano and Millbrook (Aurora District). Stevan follows Kent Svendsen who is appointed to Mendota: First (DeKalb District).

Tedd Steele (Elder) to Naperville: Wesley (Aurora District) from Wheaton: Aldersgate (Aurora District). Tedd follows Juancho Campanano who is appointed to Hazel Crest/Blue Island (Chicago Southern District).

Lori Bee (Local Pastor) to Ringwood (1/2 time) (Elgin District) while also continuing to serve Mt. Hope (1/2 time) (Elgin District).  Lori follows Cesar Hernandez who is appointed to Crystal Lake: First (Associate).

Eve Harris (Assigned) to Pilgrimage Protestant Church in University Park (1/4th time) (Chicago: Southern District) from Chicago: West Englewood (Chicago Southern District).  Eve follows Joe Jamison who will re-retire.
Carol Hill (Elder) to Dundee: First (Elgin District) from Chicago: Epworth (Chicago: Northwestern District).  Carol follows Soon Sun Lee as she is appointed to Durand (Aurora District).
Solomon Sudhakar (346.1) to Rock Falls (DeKalb District).  Solomon follows Rich Fassig as he is appointed to Harding, Serena, Sheridan and Norway (DeKalb District).
Kelly Van (Provisional Elder) to Vinings UMC in the North Georgia Conference as a 346.1 from Lemont (Aurora District).

June Announcements

Eddie Eddy (Local Pastor) to Freeport: Trinity and Embury (Rockford District) from Mokena (Aurora District).  Eddie follows Julie Bunt who is appointed to Mt. Morris.
Robert Houston (DS Supply) to Chicago: Greater Englewood (1/4th time) while also serving at West Englewood (1/4th time) (Chicago Southern District).  Robert follows Eve Harris who is assigned to University Park: Pilgrimage.
Ju-Yeon Jeon (Provisional Elder) to Chicago: Epworth (Chicago Northwestern District).  Ju-Yeon follows Carol Hill who is appointed to West Dundee: First (Elgin District).
James Ketzel (Retired Elder) to Savanna (Interim) (Rockford District).  Jim follows Sejoon Jang who is appointed to Hinkley.  Effective August 1.
Joseph Kim (Elder) to Wheaton: Aldersgate (Aurora District) from Lockport (Aurora District).  Joseph follows Tedd Steele who is appointed to Naperville: Wesley.
Eun Young Ko (Elder) to Northbrook: Glenbrook (Chicago Northwestern District) from Maple Park (DeKalb District).  Eun Young follows Yoon Ki Kim who is appointed to South Suburban Korean.
Teran Loeppke (Deacon) to Oak Park: Euclid Avenue (Chicago Northwestern District) as Pastor of Congregational and Community Development from Family Leave.  Effective July 15.
Don Plock (DS Supply) to Winnabago/German Valley (Rockford District).  Don follows Matt Smith who is appointed to Pearl City: First/McConnell.
Glen Stewart (Retired Elder) to Albany (Part-Time) (DeKalb District).  Glen follows Nancy Weingartner who moves to retirement.  Effective July 15.
Joe Munro (Assigned) to Maple Park: Grace (DeKalb District). Joe follows Eun Young Ko who is appointed to Northbrook: Glenbrook Korean. Effective September 1.

Christopher Walters (Elder) to Extension Ministry as President of the Northern Illinois United Methodist Foundation from Plainfield: First (Aurora District).

Douglas Williams (Elder) to Barrington: Salem (Elgin District) from Rockford: Aldersgate. Effective Date: TBS

July Announcements

Stephanie Escher (Provisional Elder) to Heath East Medical Center as Staff Chaplain in St. Paul Minnesota from Leave of Absence. Effective August 22.
Natarsha Gardner (Local Pastor) to Elgin: Cornerstone 1/4th time as Assistant Pastor. Effective August 1.
Sung Ja Lee Moon (Elder) to Rockford: Aldersgate from Barrington: Salem.  Sung Ja follows Doug Williams who is appointed to Barrington: Salem. Effective September 1.
Jacques Conway (Elder) to Chicago Southern District Superintendency from Maywood: Neighborhood (Chicago: Northwestern District) and Chicago: St. Matthew (Chicago: Northwestern District). Jacques will follow Bishop Tracy Smith Malone as she is assigned to the East Ohio Conference. Effective September 1. Read more…
Philip Sheets (Elder) to Lockport: First (Aurora District) from Oswego: Good Shepherd (Aurora District).  Phil follows Joseph Kim who is appointed to Wheaton: Aldersgate.  Effective September 1.
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