2014-2015 Appointments

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Appointment Announcements

Bishop Sally Dyck announces the following clergy appointments and retirements for the Northern Illinois Conference of The United Methodist Church, effective July 1, 2015 (unless otherwise noted):

Fall 2014 Announcements

Roger Bronkema (DS Supply) to Warren (1/2 time) (Rockford District). Roger follows Donna Hoffman, who was appointed to Mt. Carroll. Effective September 1.

Susan Flinn-Portee (Elder) to Director of Pastoral Care at Harris Methodist Hospital, Fort Worth Texas from Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Staff Chaplain. Effective August 25.

Jason Hill (Provisional Deacon) to Transitional Leave from appointment under 331.4 to the Presbyterian Church USA. Effective July 6.

Ashish Singh (DS Supply) to Chicago: First Vietnamese as pastor for Multicultural English Language Ministries (1/4 time) (Chicago: Northwestern District). Effective September 1.

Christian Van (Elder) to the General Board of Global Ministries as the Executive Secretary of Asian American Language Ministry and Pacific Islanders, from Chicago: First Vietnamese (Chicago Northwestern District). Effective August 1.

Wesley Van (DS Supply) to Chicago: First Vietnamese as Lead Pastor (1/4 time) (Chicago Northwestern District). Effective September 1.

Gavin Brandt (Retired Elder) to Red Oak/Cedarville (Part-time) (Rockford District). Gavin follows Paul Gerardy as he returns to Retired status.  Effective February 1, 2015.

Min Cha (Provisional Elder) transferred to Wisconsin Conference from Rockford: Christ (Associate) (Rockford District).  Effective January 1, 2015.

Dwayne Craig (346.1) to Chicago: Southlawn from Riverside: Ivanhoe (1/2 time) (Chicago Southern District).  Dwayne follows Larry Pickens as he moves into extension ministry.  Effective February 1, 2015.

Joey Gracea (DS Supply) to Apple River (1/4 time) (Rockford District).  Joey follows Donna Hoffman who was appointed to Mt. Carroll.  Effective October 1.

Greg Gross (Deacon) to Appointment Beyond the Local Church with The Night Ministry as Community Health Manager from AIDS Legal Council of Chicago.  Effective January 5, 2015.

Vickie Hadaway (Elder) to Leave of Absence from Sabbatical Leave effective February 1, 2015. District Superintendent Supply to Leland and Suydan (part-time) (DeKalb District) following Jodeen Immer as she transitions to Medical Leave.  Effective January 18, 2015.

Jonathan Hutchinson (Elder) to Medical Leave from DeKalb: First (DeKalb District).  Effective October 1.

Jodeen Immer (Local Pastor) to Medical Leave (without Benefits) from Leland and Suydam (DeKalb District). Effective December 1, 2014.

Carol LeCompte (Elder) to Transitional Leave from Appointment to Attend School.  Effective October 15.

Jesus Molina (Local Pastor) to Chicago: Emanuel (1/4 time) and Humboldt Park (1/4 time) while continuing at Melrose Park: Stone Park Mission (1/4 time) (Chicago Northwestern District).  Jesus follows Santiago Espada as his appointment concludes.  Effective October 15.

Auderine Molina (Local Pastor) to Chicago: Emanuel (1/4 time) while continuing at Melrose Park: Stone Park Mission and Melrose Park: Mision Hispana.  Effective October 15.

Bonnie Ogie-Kristianson (Elder) to Extension Ministry with SacredSteams from Transitional Leave effective December 1, 2014.

Larry Pickens (Elder) to Extension Ministry with Lehigh Conference of Churches in Allentown, Pennsylvania at Ecumenical Director from Chicago: Southlawn (Chicago: Southern District).  Effective January 1, 2015.

Robert Rawls (Local Pastor) to Oak Park: Euclid Ave. (1/2 time, associate) (Chicago Northwestern District).  Effective January 1, 2015.

Dean Shapley (Elder) to Extension Ministry as Chaplain at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston from Lawrence Memorial Hospital.  Effective December 15, 2014.

Mona Walker (Deacon) from Transitional Leave to ¶ 331 at Middletown UMC Louisville, Kentucky as Director of Children’s Ministry.  Effective January 1, 2015.

January Announcements

Stephen Aram (Elder) to Retirement from Shannon: Bethel (Rockford District).  Stephen became a probationary member in 1984 and a full Elder in 1987.  During his ministry Stephen served in Winthrop Harbor-North Prairie, Freeport: Embury, Harvard: First, Oak Lawn: First and Shannon: Bethel.

Robert Atkins (Elder) to Retirement from Naperville: Grace (Aurora District).  Bob became a probationary member in 1980 and a full Elder in 1982.  During his ministry Bob served in Malden, Rockford: Christ (Co-pastor), LaGrange: First, Wilmette: Trinity and Naperville: Grace.

Walter Coleman (Local Pastor) to Retirement from Chicago: Aldaberto – Lincoln (Chicago: Northwestern/Southern Districts).  During his ministry Walter has served Chicago Aldaberto and Chicago: Lincoln.  Walter retired October 1, 2014 but continues to serve as a retired Local Pastor.

Stephen Dahl (Elder) to Retirement from Extension Ministry.  Stephen became a probationary member in 1965 and a full Elder in 1969.  During his ministry Stephen served Cicero: Calvary, Park Ridge: First (Associate), Buffalo Grove: Kingswood and Bethany Homes and Hospital, first as Assistant to the President and then as President and Chief Executive Officer.  Stephen will continue in his employment with Bethany.

David Davies (Elder) to Retirement from Ottawa: First (DeKalb District).  David became a probationary member in 1995 and a Full Member in 2000.  David has served in Fair Haven, Chadwick: Hope, Albany and Ottawa.

Mark Jacobs (Elder) to Retirement from Elgin: Epworth (Elgin District).  Mark became a probationary member in 1977 and a full Elder in 1981.  Mark served in Winslow-McConnell, Lanark, Algonquin: Christ, Oregon, Oregon: Lighthouse, Naperville: Community and Elgin: Epworth.

William Lenters (Elder) to Retirement from Extension Ministry as Development Officer for Rockford: Rosecrance.  Bill became a probationary member in 2000 upon Recognition of Orders from the Christian Reformed Church.  Bill became a full Elder in 2004.  He has served in Extension Ministry as Chaplain and then Development Officer for Rosecrance.

Alan Meyers (Local Pastor) to Retirement from Ashton: Reynolds (DeKalb District).  Alan served at Chana, Malden-Wyanet and Reynolds.

Michael Morris (Elder) to Retirement from Palatine: First (Elgin District).  Michael became a probationary member in 1974 and a full Elder in 1979.  Michael served at Freeport: Faith (Associate), Chicago: Wellington Park, Rosecrance Homes for Children (Extension), Shannon, McHenry: First and Palatine: First.

Harry Nicol (Elder) to Retirement from Extension ministry as President of the Northern Illinois Conference Foundation.  Harry became a probationary member in 1969 and a full Elder in 1971.  During his ministry Harry served Deerfield: Christ (Associate), Extension Ministry as a Community Organizer for Lake County Youth Services, Minooka, Buffalo Grove: Kingswood, Big Brothers, Big Sisters and the UM Foundation.  Retirement was effective October 1, 2014.

William Obalil (Elder) to Retirement from Geneva (Aurora District).  Bill became a probationary member in 1972 and a full Elder in 1976.  Bill served at Western Springs (Assistant), Lake-in-the-Hills, Elmhurst: First (Associate), Elk Grove Village: Prince of Peace, Morrison and Geneva.

Sung Kown Oh (Elder) to Retirement from Worth (Aurora District).  Sung Kown became a probationary member in 1987 and a full Elder in 1989.  During his ministry Sung Kown served Roselle: Korean Hope Mission, Winslow/McConnell, Cary, Hyde Park Korean/Korean Campus Ministries, Hazel Crest: Community, Blue Island, Lindenhurst: Trinity and Worth. Effective September 1 (Retirement Class of 2016)

Lois Parr (Elder) to Extension Ministry with Reconciling Ministries Network as Regional Organizer for the Northern Jurisdictions (½ time) while remaining at Chicago: Broadway ½ time until July 1.  Effective January 15.

Karen Shilling (Elder) to Retirement from Extension Ministry as Chaplain at St. Clare Hospital.  Karen became a probationary member in 1981 and a full Elder in 1989.  During her ministry Karen served Morris (Associate), Elizabeth, Sterling: First, Franklin Park, Freeport: First, and in Extension Ministry as Chaplain at Freeport Hospital and St. Clare Hospital, Baraboo, Wisconsin.

George Woosnam (Elder) to Retirement from Princeton (DeKalb District).  George became a probationary member in 1971 and a full Elder in 1975.  During his ministry George served in Brookville-Elkhorn, Winfield: Community, Ottawa: Evangelical, Waterman, Millbrook, Pecatonica, Albany, Shannon: Bethel, Oregon and Princeton.

Lora Zink (Retired Elder) to Rockford: Christ (Rockford District) as supply associate upon the transfer of Min Chea to the Wisconsin Conference.  Effective January 1.

Amy Poust (Elder) to Voluntary Transition from Belvidere: First (Rockford District). During her ministry Amy served at:  Stockton: Wesley, Pecatonica and Belvidere.

February Announcements

Oscar Carrasco (Elder) to Retirement from Elgin District Superintendent (Elgin District).  Oscar transferred to the Northern Illinois Conference in 1992 from the North Indiana Conference. During his ministry in Northern Illinois Oscar served Chicago: East Side, Hegewish, Oaklawn: First, as NIC Director of Connectional Ministries and Elgin District Superintendent.

James Ketzel (Elder) to Retirement from Davis: Calvary/Rock City (Rockford District). Jim transferred to the Northern Illinois Conference from the Presbyterian Church USA as a probationary member in 2001 and became a full member in 2004.  During his ministry he has served Waterman, Afolkey/Orangeville, Hampshire: Zion and Davis: Calvary/Rock City.

Darneather Murph-Heath (Elder) to Elgin District Superintendent (Elgin District) from Schaumburg: Our Saviour’s (Elgin District). Darneather follows Oscar Carrasco as he retires.

Brian Gilbert (Elder) to Princeton: First (DeKalb District) from DeKalb: First (DeKalb District). Brian follows George Woosnam as George retires.

Michael Jones (Elder) to Shannon (Rockford District) from Dixon: First (DeKalb District). Mike follows Stephen Aram as Stephen retires.

Paul Judd (Elder) to DeKalb: First (DeKalb District) from Sterling: Trinity/First (DeKalb District). Paul follows Jonathan Hutchinson who is currently on medical leave.

Alka Lyall (Elder) to Chicago: Broadway (Chicago Northwestern District) from Aurora: Bethany of Fox Valley (Aurora District). Alka follows Lois Parr as Lois moves into extension ministry.

Cindy Marino (Elder) to Naperville: Grace as Lead Pastor (Aurora District) from Rochelle (DeKalb District). Cindy follows Bob Atkins as Bob retires.

Cheryl Carroll (Provisional Elder) to Leave of Absence from Minooka (Aurora District).

Monty Fox (Elder) to Belvidere: First (Rockford District) from Cherry Valley (Rockford District). Monty follows Amy Poust as she moves to voluntary transition.

Keck Mowry (Elder) to Palatine: First (Elgin District) from Marengo (Elgin District). Keck will follow Michael Morris as he retires.

Cecilia Obret (Local Pastor) to retirement from Chicago: Mision Hispana at Irving Park where Cecilia has served since 2008.

Deborah Percell (Elder) to Elgin: Epworth (Elgin District) from Morris: First (Aurora District). Deb follows Mark Jacobs as he retires.

Robert Hamilton (Elder) to Rochelle (DeKalb District) from Geneva (Associate) (Aurora District). Rob follows Cindy Marino as Cindy is appointed to Naperville: Grace as Senior Pastor (Aurora District).

Sarah Hong (Elder) to Minooka (Aurora District) from New Lenox (Associate) (Aurora District). Sarah follows Cheryl Carroll as she takes a Leave of Absence. Effective May 1.

Pauletta Klimson (Elder) to Retirement (DeKalb District). Polly was commissioned in 2001 and became a Full Elder in 2004. During her ministry Polly served in Coleta/Sterling/Rock Falls Youth Cooperative, Ottawa: First and Fenton.

Sang Myung Park (Elder) to Aurora: Bethany of Fox Valley (Aurora District) from LaMoille: Community (DeKalb District). Sang Myung follows Alka Lyall as Alka is appointed to Chicago: Broadway (Chicago Northwestern District).

March Announcements

Richard Darr (Elder) to Geneva (Senior Pastor) (Aurora District) from Park Ridge: First (Chicago Northwestern District). Rich follows Bill Obalil who will be retiring.

David Lagos-Fonseca (Elder) to Schaumburg: Our Saviour’s (Elgin District) from Chicago: Temple (Associate) (Chicago Southern District). David follows Darneather Murph-Heath as she becomes the Elgin District Superintendent.

Seamus Enright (Provisional Elder) to Reynolds (DeKalb District) from Elgin: Cornerstone, Student Pastor (Elgin District).  Seamus follows Allen Meyer who will be retiring.

Brad Wilson (Elder) to Sterling: First/Trinity (DeKalb District) from DesPlaines: First (Elgin District). Brad follows Paul Judd as Paul is appointed to DeKalb: First.

Kelli Beard (Elder) to Chicago: Holy Covenant (Chicago Northwestern District) from Orland Park: Faith (Associate) (Aurora District).  Kelli follows Betty Jo Birkhahn-Rommelfanger who served Holy Covenant as Interim for the past year.

David Jungnickel (Local Pastor) to LaMoille: Community (DeKalb District) from Coletta/East Jordan (DeKalb District).  David follows Sang Myung Park who is appointed to Aurora: Bethany of Fox Valley (Aurora District).

Hogun Kim (Provisional Elder) to Mendota: Zion (DeKalb District). Hogun follows Deanna Mede (LP).

Timothy Mitchell (Elder) to Dixon: First (Senior Pastor) (DeKalb District) from West Chicago: First (Aurora District). Tim follows Mike Jones as Mike is appointed to Shannon.

April Announcements

Robert Butler (Elder) to Marengo (Elgin District) from Naperville: Wheatland Salem (Associate) (Aurora District). Bob follows Keck Mowery as he is appointed to Palatine.

Irene Taylor (Elder) to Des Plaines: First (Elgin District) from Waukegan: Living Faith (Elgin District). Irene follows Brad Wilson as he is appointed to Sterling: First/Trinity.

Laura Wilson (Provisional Elder) to Morris (Associate) (Aurora District) from Appointment to Attend School. Laura follows Deb Percell as she is appointed to Elgin: Epworth.

David Aslesen (Elder) to Park Ridge: First (Chicago Northwestern District) from Lake Bluff: Grace (Elgin District).  David follows Richard Darr as he is appointed to Geneva (Aurora District).

Megan Dean (Provisional Elder) to Waukegan: Living Faith (Elgin District) from Wheaton: Gary (Aurora District).  Megan follows Irene Taylor as she is appointed to Des Plaines: First (Elgin District).

Kangse Lee (Elder) to Appointment to Another Annual Conference (346.1) as Kangse accepts a position as pastor of the Green Korean United Methodist Church in Fremont, California from Algonquin: Christ (Elgin District).

Derek Rogers (Elder) to Naperville: Wheatland Salem (Aurora District) (Associate) from Polo: Faith. Derek follows Bob Butler who is appointed to Marengo (Elgin District).

May Announcements

Ronald Green (Elder) to Algonquin: Christ (Elgin District) from River Forest (Chicago Northwestern District). Ron follows Kangse Lee as he accepts an appointment in California.

Jungmi Deborah Kang (Provisional Elder) to DeKalb: First (DeKalb District) as Associate Pastor. Jungmi follows Brian Gilbert as he is appointed to Princeton (DeKalb District).

Daniel Park (Elder) Appointment to Another Conference (346.1) as Daniel accepts an appointment to Vision of Peace (Korean of Greater Washington) as Associate Pastor in McLean, Virginia, with the Virginia Annual Conference from Wheeling: Journey Korean New Faith Community (Chicago Northwestern District).

Nancy Rethford (Elder) to West Chicago (Aurora District) from Ottawa: Epworth (DeKalb District). Nancy follows Tim Mitchell as he is appointed to Dixon: First (DeKalb District).

GaHyung Kim (Elder) to Lake Bluff: Grace (Elgin District) from Sycamore (DeKalb District).  GaHyung follows David Aslesen as he is appointed to Park Ridge: First (Chicago Southern District).

Rosa Yeonshin Lee (Local Pastor) to NIU Campus Ministry (3/4 time) as Extension Ministry and Cortland (DeKalb District) ¼ time.  Rosa follows Kim Chapman (Local Pastor) and Brian Gilbert who is appointed to Princeton, respectively.

David Seyller (Retired Elder) to Burlington (Elgin District) part-time, from retirement.  David follows Becky Nicol who began Medical Leave January 1.

Janice Shaulis (Local Pastor) to Fenton/Leon (DeKalb District) from Joliet: Grace (Aurora District).  Jan follows Gale Brandner, Retired who has served as interim at Leon and Polly Klimson as she retires.

Caitlyn Butler (Local Pastor, license pending) to Orland Park: Faith, Associate (Aurora District).  Caitlyn follows Kelli Beard as she is appointed to Chicago: Holy Covenant (Chicago Northwestern District).

Brenda Byrne (Elder) to Davis: Calvary and Rock City (½ time) (Rockford District) from Extension Ministry.  Brenda follows James Ketzel as Jim retires.

Andrea Davidson (Elder 346.1) to Chicago: Hartzell (Chicago Southern District) from the California-Pacific Conference.  Andrea follows Michelle Taylor-Sanders as Michelle pursues Extension Ministry.

Carolyn Lukasick (Provisional Elder) to Ottawa: Epworth (DeKalb District) from Seneca/Marseilles (DeKalb District).  Carolyn follows Nancy Rethford as Nancy is appointed to West Chicago (Aurora District).

Deanna Moore Mede (Local Pastor) to Rockford: Christ, Associate (¾ time) (Rockford District) from Mendota: Zion (DeKalb District).  Deanna follows Min Cha who transferred to Wisconsin.

Jarrod Severing (Local Pastor, license pending) to Lanark ¾ time (Rockford District).  Jarrod follows Rolland Hayag as he concludes his appointment.

Dae-Gyu (Dave) Yim (Local Pastor, license pending) to Leland (1/2 time) and Suydam (1/4 time) (DeKalb District).  Dae-Gyu follows Vickie Hadaway who served as interim.

Edger Solis (Pending Local Pastors License) to River Forest (Chicago Northwestern District) as a Student Local Pastor, from the Iowa Conference while in school at Garrett Evangelical Theological.  Edger follows Ron Greene who is appointed to Algonquin: Christ.

Daniel Swinson (Elder) to Sycamore (DeKalb District), Senior Pastor from Mt. Prospect: Trinity (Elgin District).  Dan follows GaHyung Kim as she is appointed to Lake Bluff: Grace.  Effective August 1.

James Best (Provisional Deacon) to Oswego: Good Shepherd (Aurora District) as Youth Minister, effective January 1.

Betty Jo Birkhahn-Rommelfanger (Elder) to retirement from Chicago: Parish of the Holy Covenant, Interim (Chicago Northwestern District).

Cathryn Caliendo (Elder) to River Forest (Chicago Northwestern District) (1/4 time) while remaining at Cicero: Wesley (3/4 time) (Chicago: Southern District) following Ron Greene as he is appointed to Algonquin: Christ (Elgin District).

Oscar Carrasco (Retired Elder) to Prophetstown (DeKalb District) from Elgin District Superintendent.  Oscar follows Cheri Stewart as she is appointed to Ottawa: First (DeKalb District).

Kihwan Choi (pending Local Pastors License) to Marseilles (1/4 time) and Seneca (1/2 time) (DeKalb District.)  Kihwan follows Carolyn Lukasick as she is appointed to Ottawa: Epworth (DeKalb District).

Jin Hee Kang (Elder) to Winthrop Harbor: Winthrop Harbor (Full time) (Elgin District) following a year of two-point relationship with North Prairie (Elgin District).

Carol LeCompte (Elder) to Ohio Health Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus, Ohio following transitional leave.  Effective January 15.

Kristine Marshall (346.2) to Palatine as a part-time associate (Elgin District) from Elgin: First (Elgin District) as part-time associate.

June Announcements

Karen Hundrieser (Local Pastor) to Polo: Faith (DeKalb District) from Wood Dale (Elgin District). Karen follows Derek Rogers as he is appointed to Naperville: Wheatland Salem (Aurora District).

Kwang Sung Lim (Elder) to Ingleside (Elgin District) from Leave of Absence. Kwang Sung follows George David as he returns to retired status.

Jim Miller (District Superintendent Supply) to East Jordan, part-time (DeKalb District). Jim follows David Jungnickel as he is appointed to LaMoille: Community.

Patricia Bonilla (Provisional Deacon) to Deerfield: Christ, as Minister with Children and Youth (Chicago: Northwestern District).

Enid Nieves (Pending Local Pastors License) to Waukegan: San Pablo, part-time (Elgin District). Enid follows Miguel Nieves as he is appointed to Winthrop Harbor: North Prairie. Effective June 1.

Miguel Nieves (Associate Member) to North Prairie (1/2 time) while remaining at Beech Park: York House (1/2 time) (Elgin District). Miguel follows Jin Hee Kang as she becomes full time at Winthrop Harbor. Effective June 1.

Luke Pepper (Deacon) appointed to attend school (1/4 time) while remaining at Buffalo Grove: Kingswood (3/4 time) (Elgin District). Effective September 1.

Adrienne Trevathan (Deacon) to Chicago: Parish of the Holy Covenant (Chicago: Northwestern District) as Associate Minister of Education and Administration (3/4 time). Effective March 15.

Hyewon Sophia Hyon (Local Pastor, License Pending) to Coleta, part-time (DeKalb District). Hyewon follows David Jungnickel who is appointed to LaMoille: Community (DeKalb District).

Colleen Norman (Elder) to Mt. Prospect: Trinity (Elgin District) from Chicago: Kelly/Woodlawn (Chicago Southern District). Colleen follows Daniel Swinson as he is appointed to Sycamore (DeKalb District). Effective August 1.

Kyung Su Park (Provisional Elder) to Wheeling: Journey Community (1/2) and First Korean (1/2) (Chicago Northwestern District) from Elizabeth/Hanover (Rockford District). Kyung Su follows Daniel Park as he is appointed to the Virginia Conference as a 346.1.  Effective July 15.

Tiffany Garcea (Local Pastor) to Elizabeth and Hanover (3/4 time) (Rockford District) from Scales Mound (Rockford District). Tiffany follows Kyung Sun Park who is appointed to Wheeling: Journey (NFC) and First Korean (Chicago Northwestern District).

Joey Garcea (Local Pastor) to Scales Mound (1/4 time), while continuing at Apple River.  Joey follows Tiffany Garcea as she is appointed to Elizabeth and Hanover (Rockford District).  Effective July 15.

Terry McDorman (District Superintendent Supply) to Wood Dale: Community (1/2 time) (Elgin District). Terry follows Karen Hundrieser who is appointed to Polo: Faith (DeKalb District).

Javier Martinez (Local Pastor) to Great Plains Annual Conference, Chanute: Otterbein (1/2 time).

Chan Ik Choi (Local Pastor) to Light House/Chana (DeKalb District).  Chan Ik follows Javier Martinez as Javier moves to the Great Plains Conference.  Effective August 1.

July Announcements

Stephanie Escher (Provisional Elder) to Oak Park: Euclid (½ time) (Chicago Northwestern District).

Jin Ho Hong (Elder) to Prospect Heights: Central Korean (Elgin District) from Franklin Grove (DeKalb District). Jin Ho follows Thomas Kim as he is appointed to Sabbatical.  Effective August 1.

Mark Gilmore (District Superintendent Supply) to Riverside (1/4 time) (Chicago Southern District).  Mark will follow Raymond Austin Jr. who returns to his denomination. Effective August 1.

Emma Lozano (Local Pastor, License Pending) Chicago: Adalberto Memorial/Lincoln (1/2 time) (Chicago: Northwester/Southern Districts).  Emma follows Walter Coleman as he returns to retirement.

Michele Taylor-Sanders (Elder) to Chicago: Kelly/Woodlawn (Chicago Southern District) from Chicago: Hartzell (Chicago Southern District).  Michele follows Colleen Norman as she is appointed Mt. Prospect: Trinity. Effective August 1.




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