Keep Families Together – Johnny’s story

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Keep Families TogetherJohnny and his wife, Linda, win the Chicago Clinic’s “Cutest Couple” award.  They came in to file a petition for Johnny, who could now be sponsored by his new wife.

In perfect, unaccented English, Johnny answered the dozens of questions on the application.  He paused and looked puzzled when asked, “Have you ever smuggled anyone into the country?” “What?” he said. “No way, I was a baby,” he responded.  “He was the one brought in!” His wife chimed in.

The teasing and bantering continued throughout the application and the long form took slightly longer to fill out.  After living for over 25 years in the only country he’s ever known as home, Johnny is finally able to have the legal papers to prove it and the benefits that permanent residency – and eventually citizenship – confers.

Between this Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, Northern Illinois Justice for Our Neighbors is running a Keep Families Together Campaign.  For the cost of a bouquet of flowers or a tie, you can help families like Johnny’s stay together.  Please visit to help Keep Families Together.

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